Taungurong (VIC)

LocationGoulburn River valley upstream from the northern vicinity of Seymour at Mitchelltown. Near Violet Town, northeast to Mansfield, south to Kilmore. At Alexandra; west to hills southeast of Heathcote. A horde called Natrakbulok, which lived in the country east of Seymour and south to near Yea, was sometimes reckoned as belonging to the Ngurelban.
Co-ordinates145°35'E x 37°10'S
Area2,600 sq. m. (6,800 sq. km.)
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Alternative NamesTa-oungurong, Taguwuru, Thagunworung, Thaguwurru, Daguwura, Taguniorung, Targunwurung, Tongworonga, Jhongworong, Tauonyirong, Darngoorang, Nguraialum (language name shared with Ngurelban), Gnurellean, Yawang-illam, Yowang-illam (ta:gun = no), Butherabaluk (eastern horde), Bootheraboolok, Nerboolok (horde at Kilmore), ? Moogulum-buk, Mogullum-bitch.