Waluwara (QLD)

LocationFrom Roxborough Downs north to Carandotta and Urandangi on the Georgina River; on Moonah Creek to near Rochedale; southwest to Pituri Creek; at Wolga. Waluwara is the name of the language. Breen (pers. comm.) says the people he worked with do not recognize Maula, the name under which the tribe appeared in my 1940 work.
Co-ordinates138°45'E x 21°45'S
Area7,100 sq. m. (18,400 sq. km.)
Referencescurr, 1886; Roth, 1897, 1904; Edge, 1899 (2 papers); Tindale, 1940; Capell, 1963; Yallop, 1969; Breen, 1969 MS.
Alternative NamesWalugara (valid alternative), Walukara, Elookera, Wollegarra, Waloo-kera, Warluwara, Wallawarra, Wolga (place name), Walgra, Didjadidja (horde at Roxborough), Kapula (horde at Carandotta), Panggara (horde at Moonah Creek), Pangara, Paringgara ('creek dwellers'), Yannalinka ( ? horde name at Carandotta), Maula (supposedly a valid name but not recognized today).