Wardandi (WA)

LocationFrom Bunbury to Cape Leeuwin, chiefly along the coast; at Geographe Bay, the vicinity of Nannup and Busselton. According to one informant, the tribal name is linked with the ['wardan] or crow, but the name given in vocabularies for crow is ['kwa:kum]. They were also called the 'seacoast people,' and the detailed Nina Layman MS gives 'werdandie' also 'wartine' as meaning 'the sea.' In yet another version it is a derivative of the negative term.
Co-ordinates115°20'E x 33°50'S
Area1,800 sq. m. (4,700 sq. km.)
ReferencesBarlee in Curr, 1886; Bates, 1906, 1915; Giglioli, 1911; Hope, 1916 MS; Tindale, 1940, 1968 MS; Brockman, 1949 MS; Buller-Murphy, 1958; A.I.A.S., 1966; Bussell, MS, P.L.W.A. doc. 1648A; Layman, undated MS.
Alternative NamesWa:dandi (['wa:da] = no), Waddarndi, Wadarndee, Wardandie, Wadjandi, Belliman, 'Geographe Bay and Vasse tribe,' 'Bunbury tribe,' Kardagur (lit. 'between,' i.e., 'between the two seas'), Dardanup (a place name), Dordenup, Dunanwongi (name applied to language), Doonin, Dornderupwongy, Jabaru (means north in tribes farther north), Yabaroo, Nghungar (Njunga means man in tribes farther east).