Wilawila (WA)

LocationOn Carson and middle Drysdale rivers from near Mount Connelly south to lower Gibb and Durack rivers; an inland tribe. It seems to be the one called Taib by Hernandez. Birdsell (1954 MS) who met a woman of the Wilawila from the upper Drysdale River also found Wolmidi as an alternative for Andedja in the area of this tribe.
Co-ordinates126°55'E x 15°10'S
Area5,300 sq. m. (13,800 sq. km.)
ReferencesElkin, 1933; Kaberry, 1935; Davidson, 1938; Capell, 1940; Tindale, 1940; Hernandez, 1941; Birdsell, 1954 MS; Coaldrake, 1954 MS; Lucich, 1966 MS.
Alternative NamesWular: (said to be a language name), Taib (horde on Carson River, also claims to be of Miwa tribe), Wulu, Taibange (member of Taib), Munumbara (horde on headwaters of Forrest River), Munumburu, Kalari: (horde on middle Drysdale River), Andedja (horde on southern tributaries of upper Forrest River), Andidja, Andadja, Piarngongo (horde at Mount Beatrice; there is also a horde of Ola tribe of Purunor moiety, and same name, south and southwest of Karunjie), ? Kundjanan, Kandjanan, ? Ullumbuloo.