'J.B. Birdsell Forrest River NWA Feb. 1954'

Hand drawn map showing tribal boundaries. Names of tribes and locations are in lead pencil and blue pen.

The following groups and locations are represented:
'Uouballi River'(?), 'R-124 Mundungnul', 'Namala at Uouballi'(?), 'Wongumari Camp', 'Undumanori = big pool on Gudgudmeri River', 'Forrest River', 'Nimmuduil (?) on River', 'Yulungumon main camp', 'mundiant main camp', 'cattle crossing', 'Djula main camp', 'Forrest River Mission', 'Nalnammari (creek)', 'Namuld', 'Namula country', 'Djuri country', 'Djuri = Berkeley River'.

Previously numbered 11.

Tindale Tribes: Arnga; Wilawila; Wenambal.

CreatorBoard for Anthropological Research
ControlAA 346/22/8
Date Range01 February, 1954  -  01 February, 1954
Quantity 0.1cm,   1   crayon drawing, 36x53.5 cm
Series AA346/22