Wilingura (NT)

LocationBetween Cox River and Nutwood Downs; on Strangways River and upper Hodgson River; west to near Pine Creek (Birdum). There was formerly some confusion with the name that relates to the Karawa, a tribe that moved north to the coast about Tully Inlet on the Queensland-Northern Territory border in early contact times. Stretton's locality reference (l.c., p. 249, appendix, line 10) is evidently transposed with that mentioned on previous line.
Co-ordinates134°26'E x 15°45'S
Area7,500 sq. m. (19,500 sq. km.)
ReferencesStretton, 1893; Mathews, 1900 (Gr. 6575); Spencer and Gillen, 1904; Power in Basedow, 1907; Spencer, 1914; Tindale, 1922 MS, 1940, 1953 MS.
Alternative NamesWillongera, Leewillungarra, Willangan, Wilungwara, Wilinggura (error).