Wiljakali (NSW)

LocationBarrier Range; west to Olary, So. Aust.; at Silverton, Mutooroo, Boolcoomata; northeast to Mootwingee, north to the southern limits of Sturt Meadows. From the statements of Howitt (1904:675) and some new information, it is proper to regard this tribe as having resisted adoption of the circumcision rite that was being actively forced upon them by the Ngadjuri before the middle of the nineteenth century. They were then retreating southward. Howitt made the Wiljakali a member of his artificial concept the Itchumundi 'nation.'
Co-ordinates141°0'E x 31°55'S
Area8,400 sq. m. (21,800 sq. km.)
ReferencesShaw in Taplin, 1879; Bonney, 1884; Dix in Curr, 1886; Howitt, 1904; Anonymous, 1908; Tindale, 1940, and MS; Wurm, 1963.
Alternative NamesWilyakali, Wiljali, Wiljagali, ? Willoo, Bo-arli, Bulali ('Hill people' ['bula] = hill, a general term).