Wulpura (QLD)

LocationOn the main range west of Mount Romeo and Boolbun; at the head of Daintree River on the high Mount Windsor tableland; rain forest dwellers. According to D. C. Watson, they were a small people five feet (152 cm.) in stature and weighed about 100 pounds (220 kg.); each year they traveled from South Mossman to Julatten, Carbine, McLeod River, down the Daintree River and back to South Mossman.
Co-ordinates145°0'E x 16°5'S
Area900 sq. m. (2,300 sq. km.)
ReferencesParry-Okeden, 1897; Roth, 1910; Davidson, 1938; McConnel, 1939-1940; Tindale, 1940; Watson, 1965 MS (through J. McNally).
Alternative NamesWolpa (name of range west of Mount Romeo), Wulpurara, Wulbur-ara, Walpoll, Wulurara, Woora (place name on South Mossman River), Kokowaldja, Koko-baldja (language name), Waldja.