Wunambal (WA)

LocationYork Sound; coast north of Brunswick Bay, northward to Admiralty Gulf and the Osborne Islands; inland about 25 to 30 miles (40 to 50 km.). Cape Wellington peninsula north and east to Port Warrender and the little known area to east; inland to the divide of the King Edward River; two distinctive small groups or hordes of raft voyagers lived on islands to northwest, the Laiau on the Institut Group and the now extinct Wardana on the Montalivet Group. The Peremanggurei horde was at the head of Prince Frederick Harbour while the Tjawurungari (Tawandjangango) were on the Osborne Islands. The last-named were also called Wilawila people and their language is thought to have affinities with Kambure. According to a native informant they are 'light Kambure' speakers. Another tribe claiming the name Wilawila lives on the Carson River (see separate heading). The making of wooden canoes had been learned from the Malays; these were cut from trees in the limited areas of rain forest present in the area. The practice of making them was spreading southwest at the rate of about 50 miles (80 km.) per generation.
Co-ordinates125°30'E x 14°50'S
Area3,800 sq. m. (9,900 sq. km.)
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Alternative NamesWunambulu, Wunambullu, Wanambal, Laiau (small tribe or horde name), Wardana (extinct small tribe or horde name), Winjai (term for an eastern horde), Kanaria (northeastern horde near Port Warrender), Peremanggurei (horde name), Jamindjal, Jarmindjal ('northeasterners,' a term applied by Worora), Unambal, Wonambul, Wumnabal (? typographical error), Wunambulu, Unambalnge (people of tribe).
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