Thomas Worsnop

Born : 02 February, 1821
Died : 24 January, 1898

Thomas Worsnop worked for a wool manufacturer of Leeds and later taught in Yorkshire but decided to migrate to South Australia due to ill health. On 12 November 1852, Worsnop arrived in Adelaide with his wife Mary Ann (nee Kenyon) and their three children aboard the 'China'.

The family first settled at Port Elliot. In 1866 Worsnop was appointed town clerk in the town clerk's department of Adelaide City Council working his way up to become Town Clerk on 11 January 1869 where he worked diligently and reduced debt. In 1879, Worsnop contributed to the establishment of the Municipal Corporations Association of South Australia and was its secretary until his death. Worsnop was also a Justice of the Peace, a Freemason, a member of the Old Colonists' Association and Fellow of the Royal Historic Soceity, London.

Worsnop published the History of the City of Adelaide in 1878 and The prehistoric arts, manufactures, works, weapons, etc, of the Aboriginies of Australia in 1897.

Worsnop died from diabetes and gall stones at his home in Barnard Street, North Adelaide, aged 76.

Image courtesy of the State Library of South Australia: B10803.

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