Reuther's manuscript, Volume I to XIII

Archive Collections / Rev. Johann Georg Reuther / Reuther's manuscript, Volume I to XIII
Date Range1903  -  1908
CollectionRev. Johann Georg Reuther
Quantity 51cm,   13   3 type 1 boxes
Series IdentifierAA266/09

This series contains 13 volumes of Reuther's original manuscript. The volumes are as follows:

  • Dictionary, volumes 1-4

  • Dieri word index and grammar, Jandruwanta and Wongkanguru grammar, comparative vocabularies and religious service, volume 5

  • Cultural concepts, volume 6

  • Place names, volume 7

  • 'origin and meaning of the names of Australian Aborigines', volumes 8-9

  • 'myths and legends', volume 10

  • 'the world of Gods and Spirits among the Australian Aborigines' and toa desciptions, volume 11

  • 'Museum and Toas', volume 12

  • 'meaning of the toas', volume 13

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