Three sheets with "Dr. H. K. Fry", "49 Glen Osmond Road. Eastwood." printing at the top.

  • AA 105/2/12/1
    Genealogical pattern with kinship terms of the Kariera [Kariara] of Western Australian with a page reference to an unknown publication.

  • AA 105/2/12/2
    Two paragraphs of hand written notes with page references to an unknown publication.

  • AA 105/2/12/3
    Genealogical pattern of an unknown source.

Tindale Tribes: Kariara.

CreatorFry, Dr Henry Kenneth
ControlAA 105/2/12/1-3
Quantity 6cm,   3   16.7x10.1cm sheets.
FormatsLoose Notes, Diagrams
Series AA105/02
Tindale Tribes: