Seven half-quarto cards.

  • AA 105/3/2/1
    An image of a brain with notes and measurements and labels.

  • AA 105/3/2/2
    Bar graph stating the cranial capacity of "Australian", "Andamanese", "Bushman", "African Negro", "Polynesian", "Eurasiatic", and "Greenland Eskimo".

  • AA 105/3/2/3
    9.8x10.5cm Porteus Maze.

  • AA 105/3/2/4
    Müller-lyer Illusion.

  • AA 105/3/2/5
    Two 9x9cm squares; one with fourteen dots spread randomly throughout, and the other with thirteen dots also spread out randomly.

  • AA 105/3/2/6
    A small map showing animal totem regions around Lake Alexandrina, Lake Albert, River Murray, the Coorong and the Murray Mouth, South Australia.

  • AA 105/3/2/7
    Genealogical pattern with kinship terms.

Tindale Tribes: Ramindjeri; Jarildekald.

CreatorFry, Dr Henry Kenneth
ControlAA 105/3/2
Quantity 6cm,   1   half quarto card.
FormatsLoose Notes, Diagrams
Series AA105/03
Tindale Tribes: