Ramindjeri (SA)

LocationAt Encounter Bay; west to Tunkalilla, east of Cape Jervis, Mount Hayfield and Inman valley; east to Middleton, thence across to Goolwa and Currency Creek; not along coast sandhills east of Middleton. Five or more hordes, the tribal name is in the style of hordal names farther east; it is possible, therefore, that Rormear originally was the proper tribal designation but the last survivors insisted on the form here given. A brass plate in the South Australian Museum records the name 'Youngerrow, chief of the Rormear tribe.' Both terms are based on Ramong, the name for Encounter Bay.
Co-ordinates138°30'E x 35°35'S
Area200 sq. m. (520 sq. km.)
ReferencesSchürmann, 1839 MS; Meyer, 1840; Moorhouse in Eyre, 1845; Wilkes, 1845; Angas, 1847; Taplin, 1873, 1879; Wyatt in Woods, 1879; Newland, 1895; Black, 1917; Brown, 1918; Tindale, 1935, 1937, 1938, 1940, and MS; Tindale and George, 1971.
Alternative NamesRaminjeri (valid alternative), Rormear, Ramong, Raminyeri, Ramindjerar, Ramingara (g to be read as dj, Paruru ('uncircumcised' or 'animal,' a term of contempt, applied by the Kaurna), Wirramu-mejo (Kaurna term), Tarbanawalun (Jarildekald term), Narrinyeri part (Black, 1917).
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