First encounter with Australian aboriginal tribes. Describes impact contact with white man has had on Australian aboriginal tribes. Author carried out some measurement work on about thirty aborigines and saw a few ceremonies.

1. Photograph: Australian Aboriginal men armed with spears standing on large rock.

Places mentioned: Baboon Hill, London Zoo (UK) [Monkey Hill] (1925-1955); Oodnadatta SA); Musgrave Ranges (Central Australia); Mann Ranges (Central Australia)

People mentioned: Tinny [NB Tindale] (See AA 338); Fatty (Australian Aboriginal man); Allan [Brumby] (See AA 42)

Tindale Tribes: Pitjandjara; Arabana; Jangkundjara.

CreatorCecil John Hackett
ControlAA 122/1/1/7
Date Range1933  -  1934
Quantity 0.01cm,   1   B&W photograph 80x60 mm
FormatsMounted Photographic Prints
Series AA 122/01/01