Jangkundjara (SA)

LocationMusgrave Ranges east of Oparinna, on Officer Creek; north to near Mount Robert, east to Everard Ranges, south to latitude 28° 30'. In 1917 (dated by the annular eclipse of 30 July 1916), a portion of the tribe moved south to Ooldea in company with a few Antakirinja at the end of a major drought, under threat of the attacks of Pitjandjara; their western and northern areas are now usurped by Pitjandjara. Their immediately pre-1917 boundary is that shown on the map; at still earlier date, according to statements, their western boundary was at Butler Dome 45 miles (100 km.) farther to the northwest. This is the Everard Range tribe of Helms and of White. Hordal names that may cause confusion include the Madodjara of the Tjundi area who shifted south toward Ooldea and the Ngonde Jangkundja of the Everard Range, living in the Mount Chandler area. The latter are also called the Walaringonda. The Ngonde Ngolajanu were in the north, formerly extending to Ayers Rock (Uluuru) but were driven south by the Pitjandjara in 1917. The Katjilaranda (Kartjilaranda) went west to Mount Lindsay and also claimed Kalaiapiti, the ceremonial place of the westernmost horde of the Pitjandjara.
Co-ordinates131°55'E x 27°15'S
Area22,000 sq. m. (57,200 sq. km.)
ReferencesWells, 1890, 1893; Helms, 1896; White, 1915, 1916; Black, 1915, 1920; Campbell and Lewis, 1926; Tindale and Hackett, 1933; Fry, 1934; Tindale, 1937, 1940, 1957 MS, 1963 MS, 1966 MS, 1972; Love, 1938 MS; Elkin, 1940; Berndt, 1959; T. G. H. Strehlow, 1965.
Alternative NamesJangkundjadjara (extended form), Jangundjara, Jankundjadjara, Jankunzazara (z = an editorial substitution in Oceania, for dj symbol), Jankuntjatjara, Jankuntjatara, Jankundjindjara, Yankunjara, Yangundjadjara, Janggundjara, Jangwundjara (typographical error in first edition), Nankundjara (presumed typographical error in Rept. Aust. Inst. of Ab. Studies, 1965:19), Ankundjara, 'Everard Range Tribe,' Alinjera (means north), Kaltjilandjara (a Pitjandjara term for Jangkundjara, actually the name of their south-westernmost horde). Wirtjapakandja (see discussion in chap. 4).
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