Papers relating to the southern Yorke Peninsula, South Australia.

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This series includes the following:

  1. Three copies of the newspaper: The Pioneer, Southern Yorke Peninsula SA [South Australia], 26 December 1930 and 9 and 16 January 1931. The newspapers contain 'The Native Tongue: A Valuable Vocabulary', a vocabulary 'of the native race which inhabited the southern reaches of the peninsula' collected by J Howard Johnson, and published in three instalments. The first and final instalments include introductory paragraphs; each instalment includes the same photograph of a group of Aboriginal people with the caption 'A group of former residents of the Southern Yorke Peninsula.' The vocabulary is divided into 15 subject headings, The Pioneer Vol. 32, No. 1,688, 26 December 1930 contains vocabulary under the following headings: Anatomical, Fauna, Birds, Sea Birds, Reptiles (Snakes), Lizards, Etc, Insects, Fish, Flora, Mythology. The Pioneer Vol. 33 - No. 1 1,689, 9 January 1931, contains: Astronomical, Domestic, General. The Pioneer Vol. 33 - No. 1, 690, 16 January 1931, contains: Geographical, Conversational, etc.
    Formerly AD29; Acc. No. 191.

  2. Typescript copy correspondence: a letter by J Howard Johnson, Saint Peters, (South Australia) dated 17 March 1934; a subsequent cover letter dated 21 August 1935; and an excerpt from the Advertiser 21 March 1934. There is no addressee on the copy. The letter of 17 March 1934 begins with a discussion of the meaning of the place name Curramulka, Yorke Peninsula (South Australia). It refers to Johnson's grandmother Rosetta French Hannay and the sheep station Orrie Cowie 'situate 6 miles west of Warooka' which his father James Angas Johnson inherited from her. Johnson notes periods he has spent at various locations on Yorke Peninsula. He states that he visited Marion Bay from 1895, and got to know George and Louisa Egginton, from whom, in about 1900, he collected 'a lot of the native names, a few customs and legends and made a small vocabulary.' Johnson writes that he gave copies of 'the vocab. and legends I made' to Rodney Cockburn, Herbert Basedown [sic: see Basedow AA 22), Dr EC Stirling (see AA 309) and Adelaide Library. The letter includes further discussion of place names and 'ghosts', and refers to skeletal remains. A footnote refers to stories from a couple named Hamp relating to a murder and subsequent reprisal massacre at Waterloo Bay, near Port Lincoln. The subsequent cover letter, dated 21 August 1935, which refers to the vocabulary, notes that George Egginton and his wife Louisa often 'converse in the language'; 'I got my records 35 years ago, George is well over 80 and Louisa, at a rough guess, nearly 80.' The typescript copy of an excerpt from the Advertiser newspaper is headed 'The Meaning of Curramulka', and it appears to be a contribution by Johnson correcting a report of 17 March 1934.
    Formerly AD29; Acc. No. 191.

  3. Two page proofs of what appears to be the first page of a printed version of the vocabulary collected by Johnson's, titled 'J. Howard Johnson Southern Yorke Peninsula, S.A.'. An introductory note states that the vocabulary was collected when Johnson was living with his father at his Orrie Corrie sheep station near Warooka, YP [Yorke Peninsula]. Both copies have annotations. One is printed on the back of what appears to be a proof or page of John Stephen's 'Adelaide Tribes' as reprinted in TA Parkhouse (see AA 247), 1923-1935, Reprints and Papers Relating to the Autochthones of Australia, Part One. The page proofs of Johnson's vocabulary may indicate that it was being typeset for inclusion in Part Two of Parkhouse's Reprints and Papers, which he was working on when he died in 1935.

Note that what appears to be one of the original handwritten copies of the vocabulary relating to the southern Yorke Peninsula collected by J Howard Johnson in about 1900 is included in the NB Tindale Collection (see AA 338/8/18) and that a version was published in NB Tindale, 1936, 'Notes on the natives of the Southern Portion of Yorke Peninsula, South Australia', Transactions of the Royal Society of South Australia, Vol. lX, pp. 55-69.

This series includes references to the following regions of South Australia: Yorke Peninsula; Eyre Peninsula.

This series includes reference to the following named group: southern Yorke Peninsula.

Corresponding Tindale Tribes: Narangga.

Corresponding AIATSIS Language Groups: Narangga.

CreatorJames Howard Johnson
ControlAA 160/1/1-3
Date Range1900  -  1935
Quantity 2cm,    
FormatsNewspaper Clippings, General Correspondence
Series AA160/01
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