'Notes and Vocabulary of the Dieri Tribe'

This series includes a two-page typescript by FX Martin describing some customs of the Dieri, their boundaries, neighbouring groups, related dialects, and history and personnel of Killalpaninna Lutheran Mission. The notes also refer to the Dieri vocabulary given to Martin by Rev. Carl August Meyer (see AA 215), teacher and minister at Killalpannina Mission and provide a guide to pronunciation.

The original typescript has been corrected and signed in ink by FX Martin, Port Pirie, SA (South Australia). Annotations in pencil by Norman B Tindale (see AA 338) include title and date: 'Notes and vocabulary of the Dieri Tribe by F. X. Martin. Dec. 1933', and some changes to spelling, including group names. The retyped copy incorporates both Martin's corrections and Tindale's changes.

This item contains references to the following region of South Australia: North East.

The original typescript refers to the following named groups (Martin's spelling): Dieri, Kujani, Kokata, Wankanguru, Wankangapana, Calicupa, Ameni, and Parichini or Jandania.

Corresponding Tindale Tribes: Dieri; Kujani; Kokata; Wongkanguru; Ngameni.

Corresponding AIATSIS Language Groups: Dieri; Kuyani; Kokatha; Wangkangurru; Ngamini.

CreatorFranz Xavier Carl Wilhelm Martin
ControlAA 207/1
Date Range01 December, 1933  -  01 December, 1933
Quantity 0.5cm,   2   1 original typescript and 1 retyped copy
FormatsLoose Notes
Series AA207/1