1. Three photographs pasted onto one page.

  2. 'North Australia'. Three boys in studio. Formerly AP 6968

  3. 'Murray River'. Group photograph. Norman Tindale (AA 338) annotation in pencil. Back L-R: 'Mary Wilson married Barney Warrior, Bertha 3/4 Sister of Mark Wilson dead. Lush? William Methagles [?], Victor Harbour photo. William Pool Jun Killed in accident at VH, Dan Wilson 3/4'. Front L-R: 'Amy Hamilton fb from SW Aust sister to Newchurch old man [?] at Pt Pearce, Li:wua Emily Lewinna Wilson F1, Bob Wilson 3/4 bro of, W Pool, Billy Newland fb, Pool daughter'. Formerly AP 4202

  4. 'William Pool of Ra:mindjeri Tr' and his wife. See AA 383/1/27/7. Formerly AP 7222

Tindale Tribes: Ramindjeri.

CreatorWilliam Thomas Lingwood Smith
ControlAA 295/1/29/1-4
Quantity   3   photographs
Series AA 295/01
Tindale Tribes: