1. Seven photographs pasted onto one page.

  2. Australian Aboriginal man, two women and a child sitting in front of camp fire. Formerly AP 7123.

  3. Man passing an object to the Australian Aboriginal people seated. (same people seated in AA 309/2/10/2). Formerly AP 7124.

  4. Studio portrait of an Australian Aboriginal man holding a spear. Formerly AP 5208.

  5. '"Mrs Newland"'. Formerly AP 5063.

  6. Portrait of an Australian Aboriginal young man. Formerly AP 6822.

  7. 'Pool Stony Well, Coorong, Nangkandoli, Tanganekald data from Milerum NBT'. Formerly AP 4202.

  8. 'King Peter Pulumi'. This is reproduced in 'Conquest of the Ngarrindjeri' facing page 113. 'Pullum, the rupulle. 1880'. Formerly AP 6792.

Tindale Tribes: Tanganekald.

CreatorSir Edward Charles Stirling
ControlAA 309/2/10/1-8
Quantity   7   photographs
FormatsMounted Photographic Prints
Series AA 309/02
Tindale Tribes: