Correspondence relating to Australian anthropology and archaeology

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Series AA 31/02 comprises Australian anthropological and archaeological correspondence and includes the following items:
Letter to T Magarey from WB Sanders (see AA 276) relating to enclosed photographs of Aboriginal rock engravings at Cooyapooya, in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. 6 May 1906.
This series is housed in Box 2.

This series includes references to: Adelaide - Mount Lofty Ranges; Central East; Flinders Ranges; North Central; North West; Nullarbor - Great Victoria Desert.

This series also references to: New South Wales; Victoria; Western Australia.

This series includes references to the following named groups: Jankuntjatjara; Pitjantjatjara.

Corresponding Tindale Tribes: Jangkundjara; Pitjandjara.

Corresponding AIATSIS Language Groups: Pitjantjatjara; Yankuntjatjara.

CreatorDr Eustace Couper Black
ControlAA 31/2/1
Date Range1906  -  1970
Quantity 8cm,     1 type 2 box
FormatsGeneral Correspondence, Sketches
Series AA 31/02