'Journal of Expedition to Central Australia: Yuendumu August 1951 by Norman B. Tindale 1951'

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Board for Anthropological Research Expedition P

This journal has been handwritten in ink with some pencil and annotations. Journal entries are on the right-hand page leaving the left for annotations and drawings. There is no contents page nor index.

The expedition received financial assistance from the American Wenner-Gren Foundationn, and from the Board for Anthroplogical Research (see AA 346), University of Adelaide. The actual expedition dates are from 13 August to 1 September 1951.

This journal includes the following:

  • handwritten phonetic script opposite page 1

  • recording of genealogies and social frameworks

  • recording of Wapurti Tjukurupa's genealogy and social terms, page 9

  • comparison of data recorded at Cockatoo Creek in 1931 (see AA 346/4/13) with data recorded on this expedition. Tindale observes people recorded as Ilpirra are in fact Ngalia, page 9

  • assisting Prof. John Burton Cleland (see AA 60) with names and uses of plants

  • gathering of gum yielding spinifex

  • making fire

  • ceremonies

  • making stone adzes and knifes and spears

  • filming of 'Minjena's Lost Ground' (see AA 346/9/15/1)

  • population data, page 59

  • number of people rationed from 2 June 1950 to 2 February 1951, page 61

  • seasons of the year

  • collection of ethnographic specimens

  • typescript Yuendumu song series collected 24 August 1951: 'Ulambaura or Haast Bluff Song' sung by boys and girls, Pintubi origin (song 1); 'A Ngalia womans' song sung by Ju:ni (Nambitjimba) wife of Tim' (song 2); 'A lullaby to put a child to sleep sung by Ju:ni (Nanbitjimba)', Ngalia tribe (song 3); and 'Playabout song', Pintubi tribe (song 4), page 68

  • 'tribal data', page 69

  • 'marriage', page 71

  • 'children's games', page 73

  • 'food habits, page 83

  • 'spearthrower of Northern type', page 83

  • 'trade', page 115

  • pearl shell ornament, page 117

  • red ochre, page 122

  • 10 handwritten songs, pages 125-131

  • 'Copy of list of plants supplied to J.B. Cleland 7 Feb. 1952', 3 page typescript insert, page 140

  • handwritten Ngalia vocabulary, pages 141-177

  • handwritten notes in blue pen and black ink by Dr Henry Kenneth Fry (see AA 105), 'Jottings taken on Thursday, August 16th - First Visit to Cave', 6 page inset, page 181

  • pasted newspaper cuttings: 'Party off to study Natives' (2 copies); 'Native study party back', 'The Advertiser', 3 Septmber 1951; 'Studying our Natives at first hand', 'The Advertiser', 22 September 1951; 'Death not "magical", 'The Advertiser', 19 January 1966; 'Warning on Native teeth, 'The News', 16 June 1952; and an untitled article by Cleland, pages 182-185

  • pasted onto the last page is a gestetner typescript copy of 'Aboriginal Songs' presented to the Anthropological Society of South Australia by Dr Murray James Barrett in 1955.

  • loose typescript carbon copy of 'Census Yuendoomoo Depot Rock Hill Bore July 1946'. Records 'eng name', 'Aboriginal name', 'dreaming totem', 'tribal group', 'district', 'sex', 'age', and 'remarks', 6pp

  • Tindale's handwritten loose notes on seasons, 1pp

  • Tindale's handwritten loose notes on localities, 1pp

  • loose typescript carbon copy of Cleland's questionaire on women and children, 1pp

Recorded South Australian Museum objects include: A42885, A42891, A42918-24, A42936-41, A42945 'etc', A42949, A42963-64, and A42972-74.

People recorded other than expedition members includes: Mr Langdon (Superintendent), Mr Jeremy Phillip Merrick Long (Superintendent), Reverend Tom Flemming and Mr and Mrs Bill Braitling of Mount Doreen Station.

The expedition party included Thomas Draper Campbell (leader, Director of the University of Adelaide Dental School, cinematographer, AA 52), Professor Andrew Arthur Abbie (anatomy, University of Adelaide, AA 688), Dr William Ross Adey (anatomy, University of Adelaide), Dr David I Kerr (physiology), Dr ND Crosby (physiology), Dr Hugh Le Messurier (physiology), Sir John Burton Cleland (botany, AA 60), Dr Henry Kenneth Fry (social organisation, City Health Officer, AA 105), Dr Murray James Barrett (dental research), Miss Gwen D Walsh, B Hill (technician), Dr Charles Pearcy Mountford (art research, AA 228), JC Dobbie (cinematographer), Dr Norman Barnett Tindale (ethnologist) and Wherritt (recorder, secretary)

Tindale Tribes: Aranda; Ildawongga; Kukatja (NT); Ngalia; Pintubi; Walpiri; Wenamba.

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/1/18
Date Range01 July, 1946  -  01 July, 1974
Quantity 1.5cm,   1   hard cover exercise book, 20.5x25.8cm, 188 pages with 2 inserts and 4 loose items
Series AA338/01