'Murray River. 1953'.

This is the second of two volumes of 'Murray River Notes'. It consists of a carbon copy extract from the 'N.W.A. Notebook with annotations and drawings, Volume 1, 1953' (pages 3-39) and a handwritten account of a 'Visit to Swan Reach to talk with Robert Mason' dated 1-2 July 1964. Page 25 reads, 'Robert (Tarby) Joseph Mason was an aboriginal fisherman there.' A note dated August 1985 states that 'Vocabulary has been transcribed to page 51 according to an early note. Need to listen to tapes before further transcription is done.' Included are drawings and documentation of objects and occassional vocabulary items. The last 105 pages are blank.

Tindale Tribes: Nganguruku; Ngarkat; Peramangk; Tanganekald.

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/1/31/2
Date Range21 November, 1952  -  02 July, 1964
Quantity 1.4cm,   1   hardcover exercise book with buckram covered spine, 25.0x25.3 cm, 162 pages
Series AA338/01