'Tja:pukai Grammar, Kuranda Queensland and Research Notes on Queensland Tribes by Norman B. Tindale. 1938-1960+'

Archive Collections / Dr Norman Barnett Tindale / Series AA338/01 / 'Tja:pukai Grammar, Kuranda Queensland and Research Notes on Queensland Tribes by Norman B. Tindale. 1938-1960+'

This volume is a compilation of data, research notes and supplementary papers relating to Queensland tribes collected by Tindale. The volume contains both a contents list and alphabetical index. The first part of the volume ends on page 62, but should be page 64, and the second part of the volume recommences with its own title page and runs from page 1 to 165. Pages 166 to 220 are blank.

The first part of the journal contains grammatical notes and vocabulary of the Tjapukai collected by Tindale at Mona Mona in September 1938, during the Harvard-Adelaide expedition.

The second part of the journal is entitled: 'Research Notes on Queensland Tribes by Norman B. Tindale, 1939-'. This section includes the following:

  • Data collected with Jim Sweeny of the Kungkari on social organisation, initiation, fire making, mura belief, cylindro-conical stones, conflict myths, vocabulary (approximately 20 words), weapons, implements, emu netting methods, and pituri trade. September 1939 (pages 1-25)

  • Copy of a newspaper clipping on the 'Disappearance of "Stone Age" Aborigines', dated 23 October 1948 (page 26)

  • Correspondence from W Fitter to Tindale regarding a newspaper article on the negritos was inserted between pages 26 and 27. The newspaper clipping has been pasted on page 26, 11 June 1962

  • Newspaper clipping entitled: 'Story of pre-Stone Age Australian aborigines who fought a losing battle on an island of death. Bentinck Is. Savages' with annotations, 3 December 1948 (pages 27-29)

  • 12 black and white photographs taken by JB McCarthy of Bentinck Islanders in 1947 and 1948. Tindale annotated some of the photographs during a 1960 visit (pages 31-53);

  • Data and 6 black and white photographs by Des Bartlett on caves at Bawnduggie Station with hand paintings (pages 54-56)

  • Letter from John Dougherty to Tindale, loose drawing, letter to John Dougherty from Herbert Mathew Hale (see AA 124) and note by Tindale regarding Bentinck and Mornington Island spearthrowers,1940 and 1941 (pages 57-60)

  • Typescript notes, letters to Tindale from Doug Seaton (AA 287) regarding Cairns Aborigines. Tindale adds notes, drawings and documentation of specimens A44565-6. 1953-55 (pages 61-83)

  • Notes on the Kungkari Man from Witchelina Station, 16 July 1955 (page 83);

  • Notes on and drawing of Mr Henry Balfour's baler shell knives from Bentinck Island, August and September 1955 (pages 84-85)

  • Note on the Ooyurka stone, September 1956 (page 85)

  • Notes and 2 black and white photographs of Bentinck Island shell knives provided by Mr DL Belcher (see AA 27). Tindale added drawings and his own comments, March and June 1957 (pages 86-90)

  • Notes on a visit by Reverend Douglas L Belcher (AA 27) in December 1959. Discussion relates to the possibility of Tindale studying the population crash experienced by the Bentinck Islanders (pages 91-97)

  • A two page letter from K Emmerson regarding the location of the Bunya feasts, 18 November 1959, inserted on page98

  • Newspaper clipping entitled: 'U.S. grant to study aborigines', 13 April 1960 (page 99)

  • Letter from Doug Seaton. Includes Maud Mewbury's description of bullroarer use by clever men, trip to Central Australia, discussions with Bill Harney and Paddy Cannum regarding sign language, comments on a 'Bulletin' article that mentions antiquity of man, 1959 (pages 101-107)

  • Notes on the transfer of Jack Doolan's (see AA 632) tape recordings by the ABC to 6.5-inch reels of 61/2 tape. Data recorded is from the Kandju, between Ebagoola and Coen on Cape York Peninsula, featuring Friday Bush and Bob Robertson, 29 March 1963, and a later 1974 note (page 109)

  • Letter from Tindale to Mr TG Birtles regarding tribal distribution, Brown's Bay rock paintings, Museum and personal collections of weapons, bora rings, and basket making, 13 July 1964 (pages 111-113)

  • Black and white 'Photographs of Aborigines from the Gulf of Carpentaria chiefly Bentinck Island (Kaiadilt Tribe)'. The data on two 1901 Bailey (see AA 78) photos and 15 JB McCarthy (see AA 190) photographs (photographs are noted as taken after August 1947, 1948 or undated) have been corrected by Tindale in consultation with Mornington Island Aboriginal people during a 1960 visit (pages 114-147)

  • Tindale's reprint 'The Rock Paintings Of Cairns Area, North Queensland', dated 1 September 1952, has been inserted between pages 148 and 149

  • A letter from John Dougherty to the South Australian Museum regarding specimens, Mornington and Bentinck Island oyster picks, vocabulary and fire making, 10 December 1941 (pages 151-54)

  • 'Summary of work done' includes notes on Tindale's absence due to airforce duties from 1942-6, 1960 visit to Bentinck Island and 1963 visit to the Gulf of Carpentaria both with Peter Aitken (see AA 338/1/23 and AA 338/1/25 respectively) (pages 155-165)

  • loose note relating to 'Geloina essingtonensis Deshaye' (shell) on page 200 of Gulf of Carpentaria journal (see AA 338/1/25)

Tindale Tribes: Biria; Irukandji; Janggal; Kaiadilt; Kandju; Karuwali; Kukatja (QLD); Kuungkari; Lardiil; Muluridji; Tjapukai.

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/1/38
Date Range1901  -  1974
Quantity 3.5cm,   1   buckram bound volume, 19.3x23.7cm, 310 pages with 4 inserts and 2 loose items
FormatsNewspaper Clippings, General Correspondence, Loose Photographic Prints, Photocopied Documents, Sketches, Notebooks
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