Janggal (QLD)

LocationForsyth Island in the Gulf of Carpentaria, and the mangrove-lined shore on the mainland opposite, as far west as Cliffdale Creek. Forsyth Island today is known to Mornington Islanders as Nemi Island, after one of the native inhabitants whose adopted name was Edward Namie. This was given him by the missionary, Wilson. The supposed tribal name Nemarang of Capell, is thus post-European in origin and based on the English word 'name.' Three hordes have names: (1) ['Djo:ora] at Beche-de-Mer Camp and Bayley (Robert) Island; (2) ['Larakan'ja:ra] on the eastern side of Forsyth Island; and (3) ['Mara'kalpa] at the western end of Forsyth Island. A fourth horde for which no name is now obtainable formerly lived on Denham Island. While Appel Channel was the boundary, Lardiil men used the water and landed only on the Denham Island shore. Allen Island, in living memory was connected to the mainland. It was not used after a big storm washed away the land connections and no one living in 1963 had ever ventured there. A brass plate survives with an incised drawing of an estuarine crocodile and the words "Long Peter King between Branch and Cliffdale Creeks."
Co-ordinates139°0'E x 16°55'S
Area300 sq. m. including reefs (800 sq. km.)
ReferencesCapell, 1942; Tindale, 1960 MS, 1961, 1962, 1963 MS; Simmons, Tindale and Birdsell, 1962; Simmons, Graydon and Tindale, 1964.
Alternative NamesNjangga:l (valid variant), Janggaral (valid variant), Janggura, Janggaralda (name of language), Jangaralda (term applied by Lardiil), Nemarang (modern name partly of European origin), Balumbant (= people from the west, contrasting with a term Lilumbant applied to the Lardi:l and Jokula).
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