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This item consists of a register entitled S. A. Museum Speech and Sound Collections; an approximately 720 page document produced by NB Tindale during 1963-1964, just prior to his retirement from the museum. The register lists Tindale's audio field recordings from 1930-1964 as well as audio recordings made on Tindale's behalf by correspondents such as Jack Doolan (AA 632) and Peter Melville Rice (AA 267). The register is a useful reference for those consulting Tindale's speech and sound recordings (AA 338/11) as entries often provide details of the singer(s) and speaker(s), place of recording, aspects of performance and other contextual details. Entries often provide a reference to a page in one of Tindale's field journals.

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The register does not provide a comprehensive listing of the museum's speech and sound holdings up to 1964: the recordings of Edward Harold Davies (AA 71), for example, are not included. Note that Tindale made a number of magnetic tape recordings after his retirement in 1965 that he later bequeathed to the museum.

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/12/4
Date Range1963  -  1964
Quantity 44cm,   1   x type 10.1 box
Series AA338/12