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The Shadow Initiation

Opening hours:

The Shadow Initiation game is available 10am–5pm every day of the year except Christmas Day, Good Friday, and from 12noon ANZAC Day.

General Public - $49 per tablet (for up to 4 people)

Museum Member - $35 per tablet (for up to 4 people)

Race against the clock on a brand new adventure, seeing the Museum like never before. It's part-escape room, part-scavenger hunt, part behind-the-scenes Museum tour. You've never played a game like this one. 1 hour, 40+ puzzles to attempt. Unlock the secrets of the Museum — are you worthy?

The aim of the game is to earn as many points as you can within an hour, and attempt to prove that you are worthy of joining a mysterious, top-secret society: The Secret Order of Quill & Compass.

The Shadow Initiation is an adventure game that is facilitated by a tablet, and can be played by up to 4 people per tablet. It is appropriate for anyone 7 to 107 years. One player per tablet must be 16 years or over and leave ID with the Museum Shop. 

The game takes just over 1 hour and there are more than 40 tasks to attempt. It is IMPOSSIBLE to complete them all in one game. Choose wisely, be strategic, and attempt to earn as many points as you can. For more information, read our FAQs before booking.

General Public - $49 per tablet (for up to 4 people)

Museum Member - $35 per tablet (for up to 4 people)

Gift Voucher - $49 per tablet (for up to 4 people) - You can purchase a gift voucher here.

Group Bookings – please email shadow@samuseum.sa.gov.au


How does The Shadow Initiation work?

The Shadow Initiation is a game packed full of adventures, challenges, puzzles and tasks that take you throughout the South Australian Museum. The game is played and fully facilitated by a tablet device and a map which you will be provided with. The tablet will guide you through each part of the Museum, with set times in each area. During your allocated time, you will have a range of challenges to choose from. The aim is to complete as many as possible, earning points along the way.

What is the aim of the game?
The story behind The Shadow Initiation, is that it has been laid out by a mysterious secret society, known as The Secret Order or Quill & Compass. There are more challenges within the game than are possible to complete within the hour. This means you need to be strategic, and try to complete as many as you can, to earn the most points within your allocated time. An online leaderboard will tell you how successful you have been!

How can I book?
Bookings for The Shadow Initiation can be made using the online booking platform below or in person at the Museum Information Desk, subject to availability. For groups of 5 or more players, you will need to book multiple tablets, which you can do online by selecting 'Add another tablet' on the final page before checking out, or the team at the Museum can help you in person.

Is The Shadow Initiation suitable for groups?

Yes! The Shadow Initiation is a great team building activity for small or large groups. It requires teamwork, communication, and strategic thinking. It’s a popular activity for corporate events, school groups, sports groups, and birthday parties. To enquire about a group event, please contact us at shadow@samuseum.sa.gov.au

How hard is it?
The Shadow Initiation isn’t a walk in the park! The game is designed to be an adventure, and we want to get your adrenaline pumping and your competitive juices flowing. The challenges and tasks range in difficulty but overall the intention is that this game gets your brain working. There is also a fixed time limit in each zone, and you will feel the pressure of the clock ticking! You are welcome to take it at your own pace, and complete fewer challenges. You can always come back again to try the tasks you didn’t have time to get too. No one can complete all the challenges within the hour!

Is there an age limit?
The Shadow Initiation is aimed at adults and is intended to be challenging. However, the game has many tasks of varying levels of difficulty so players of any age can play! We think children will really start to enjoy it from 7 years up, though we recommend adult supervision for younger players. The person hiring the tablet must be 16 years or older and must leave ID with the Museum shop.

Are there any physical requirements?
You will need to be able to read and view the collections in order to play the game. There are no other physical requirements. You do not need to (nor should you) run nor will you need to move or lift anything heavy. Each section is accessible by both the lifts and the stairs in the Museum, and the game is wheelchair accessible. If you have any questions about accessibility and The Shadow Initiation, please email shadow@samuseum.sa.gov.au 

What if I get stuck?
The game has hints built into it for most challenges, but they come at a price. You will sacrifice points for every hint you take. Alternatively, if you’d prefer not to complete a task you can simply hit the back arrow and choose a different task.

Is this game suitable for school groups?
Yes! While this activity is designed for a broad audience, it supports student learning in the General Capabilities in the Australian Curriculum including the areas of developing critical and creative thinking skills and building personal and social capability. Click here to download the new curriculum aligned resource. For bookings and further information, please visit the School group bookings page to see our Schools FAQs, or email shadow@samuseum.sa.gov.au.

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