'Roper River, N. Territory from Bauer 1980'

Supplementary to: 'Journey to Groote Eylandt. 1921-2.' Volume 2 (AA 338/1/1/2).

Annotated photocopied portion of topographical survey map showing Roper River and Hodgson River east of Ngukurr Mission, Northern Territory. Annotations in red pencil refer to a trip route (?) and Ngalakan camp site. Tindale's note on the reverse refers to 'Bauer 1980'. An additional note reads: 'copy in Groote Eylandt journal (back of vol. 2)'.

This item contains references to: Northern Territory.

Tindale Tribes: Ngalakan.

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/15/191
Date Range1980  -  1980
Quantity   1   map, 34.0x75.0 cm
Series AA338/15
Tindale Tribes: