Map of Ooldea Range and northern surrounds (Photocopy of original)

Archive Collections / Dr Norman Barnett Tindale / Series AA338/15 / Map of Ooldea Range and northern surrounds (Photocopy of original)
Supplementary to: 'Journal of an Anthropological Expedition to the Mann and Musgrave Ranges, North West of South Australia, May - July 1933, and a personal record of the Anthropological expedition to Ernabella, Aug. 1933. Adelaide 1933' (AA 338/1/9).

Also supplementary to: 'Visits to Ooldea, S. Aust. to study the Aborigines by Norman B. Tindale in 1934 and 1951. Adelaide. S. Australia' (AA 338/1/13).

Photocopy of map 338/15/16, an annotated printed map showing place names and Dreaming tracks from the Mann Range (1933) and Ooldea (1934) expeditions. Some annotations have been cross-referenced to the journal and page number. This copy contains no additional annotations.

This item contains references to: South Australia.

Tindale Tribes: Jangkundjara; Kokata; Pindiini; Wirangu.

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/15/26
Date Range1933  -  1934
Quantity   1   map, 73.0x104.0 cm
Series AA338/15