'Tribal Boundaries in Aboriginal Australia. 1974'

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'Australia S.E. [Southeast] Sheet, Tribal Boundaries Map'

Annotations include amendment in red ink to Kaurna and Tanganekald boundary near Cape Jervis, South Australia and corrections to scale (see same amendment on maps 338/19/8 and 338/16/54). Tindale sketched in pencil the distribution of coastal dunes and vegetation inland from the Coorong region in southeastern South Australia. The sketch marks extend east to near Mildura, Victoria and south to include Big Desert in western Victoria. This map is part of a four-sheet set used by Tindale (maps 338/19/9-12). See also map 338/19/13.

This item contains references to: New South Wales; Queensland; South Australia; Tasmania; Victoria.

Tindale Tribes: Kaurna; Tanganekald.

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/19/12
Date Range1974  -  1974
Quantity   1   map, 89.0x114.0 cm
Series AA338/19
Tindale Tribes: