'Iliaura Tribe-Vital Statistics etc. Norman B. Tindale'

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Supplementary to 'Anthropological Expedition to Macdonald Downs, Central Australia. Journal and field notes by Norman B. Tindale Aug - Sept 1930' (AA 338/1/6)

The information in these handwritten pages was recorded at Macdonald Downs, Central Australia, during the Board for Anthropological Research (see AA 346) expedition of August to September 1930, and relate to members of the Iliaura tribe. After introductory discussion of population and geography, Tindale lists 61 individuals, their names, age, marital status, siblings and children, and then discusses family size and composition.

Note that 'Song Records' relating to this expediton, previously numbered AA 338/2/23, have been moved to AA 338/12/1/1.

Tindale Tribes: Iliaura; Aranda.

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/2/23
Date Range1930  -  1930
Quantity 8.5cm,   12   loose foolscap pages
Series AA338/02
Tindale Tribes: