'Co. Cardwell' [and County Buckingham]

['Data by NB Tindale from Milerum and other natives of SE of SA.'; 'Copied from originals Feb. 1936'] Supplementary to: 'Journal of Researches in the South East of S. Australia by Norman B. Tindale. Volume II. 1934-[1940]' (AA 338/1/33/2).

Also supplementary to: 'Murray River Notes by Norman B. Tindale. 1930-1952. Adelaide, South Australia' (AA 338/1/31/1).

Photocopy of map 338/24/112, County Cardwell. Includes area of the Coorong from near Magrath Flat and Rabbit Island to south of Coolatoo near Kingston SE, Woods Well and Chinaman Well. Also shows County Buckingham (see map 338/24/111). Contains extensive annotation of Aboriginal place names, clan names and other data obtained by Tindale from Milerum and other informants, with additional data in red. Annotations are by an unknown researcher (possibly Henry Kenneth Fry, see AA 105) and later by Tindale. A note refers to 'Mrs Unaipon's country' (Ngarkat), and to 'Bob Pinkie' and Jerry Mason. Contains 'tribal' names and locations of inland dunes.

Note at bottom reads: 'Copied from originals Feb. 1936'. This refers to Tindale's transcription of data from corresponding Hundreds of County Cardwell and other maps of the area (see 'County Cardwell' in index; also list of Hundred maps in series 338/24) Aboriginal place names in red ink were 'copied from later County Buckingham map' (see map 338/24/111). 'Tribal' boundaries are sketched in red pen. Another note in red shows location of campsite with reference to 'informant Lizzie Mack' (see journal 338/1/31/1, pp. 92-93). Small note attached to upper left-hand corner refers to checking or transcription of place names (see copy of note with map). Scale 1 inch = 2 miles.

This item contains references to: South Australia

Tindale Tribes: Ngarkat; Potaruwutj; Tanganekald.

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/24/113
Quantity   1   map, 67.0x134.0 cm
Series AA338/24