'Baker' (printed 1907)

['No. 2 of 2 copies in Palo Alto'] ['Localities by Milerum Dec. 1932'] Supplementary to: 'Journal of Researches in the South East of S. Australia by Norman B. Tindale. Volume 1. 1931-1934 with some earlier notes copied in' (AA 338/1/33/1).

Photocopy of annotated map 338/24/3, Hundred of Baker, County Russell with a location correction noted in red. Includes Murray River mouth, the upper Coorong, Point McLeay, Narrung and Lake Albert south to Sam Island. Contains Aboriginal place names, clan names and additional data obtained from Milerum. Includes references to Ngurunderi and to 'Edward Kropinjeri's mother's country'. Additional notes in pencil refer to Tindale's trip to the Coorong, 3 June 1931 (see journal 338/1/33/1, pp. 31-34). Small note attached, dated October 1986, refers to Tindale's place name cards (see copy of note with map). Scale 1 inch = 1 mile (80 chains). See also map 338/24/4.

This item contains references to: South Australia.

Tindale Tribes: Jarildekald; Tanganekald.

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/24/5
Date Range1931  -  1932
Quantity   1   map, 55.5x65.5 cm
Series AA338/24
Tindale Tribes: