Copy of Expedition to Central Australia. Norman B. Tindale journal. August 1951.

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This item is a carbon copy of the jourrnal with handwritten annotations, corrections and a drawing. All information including the newspaper clippings have been typed. A note on the front cover reads 'This copy needs checking for typing errors. Special vocab only abstracted. A copy of pp. ii and 140-177 of typed copy provided to Yuendumu for a dictionary. 8 1979. 1 copy is in Loxton taken there 1979. Another copy here in Palo Alto also kept in Lab Shed.' Volume lists the phonetic script used in the notes, spaces left for drawings, sociological organisation, vocabulary (500+ Ngalia words), population movements from 1950-1951, seasons of the year, songs, place names, 'Jottings taken on Thursday, August 16th - First Visit to Cave' by HK Fry, 'Census Yuendoomoo Depot Rock Hill Bore July 1946', and 'Anthropological Society of South Australia Presidential Address by Mr MJ Barrett, 28 November 1955', that lists Aboriginal songs recorded at Yuendumu.

The expedition spanned the period from 13 August - 1 September 1951. Yuendumu was the expedition base, but the party also visited sites in the vicinity. The expedition received financial assistance from the Wenner-Gren Corporation for Anthropological Research and the Board for Anthroplogical Research (see AA 346), University of Adelaide.

Some annotations differ from AA 338/4/32. Original journal page numbers have been included in the left margins.

The Board for Anthropological Research expedition party included Dr Thomas Draper Campbell (leader, Director of the University Dental School, see AA 52), Prof. Andrew Arthur Abbie (Anatomy School, see AA 688), Dr William Ross Adey (Anatomy School), Drs David I Kerr, ND Crosby and Dr Hugh Le Messurier (Physiology Department), Prof. John Burton Cleland (plant data, see AA 60), Dr Henry Kenneth Fry (City Health Officer, social organisation, see AA 105), Mr Murray James Barrett (Reader in the University of Adelaide's Dental School), Miss Gwen D Walsh, Mr B Hill, Mr Charles Pearcy Mountford (Aboriginal art, see AA 228), Mr JC Dobbie (cinematographer) and Norman Barnett Tindale (South Australian Museum, ethnologist).

Tindale Tribes: Aranda; Ildawongga; Kukatja (NT); Ngalia; Pintubi; Walpiri; Wenamba.

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/4/31
Date Range13 August, 1951  -  01 September, 1951
Quantity 1.5cm,   1   green vinyl softcover with buckram spine, 21.0x26.1 cm, 310 pages
Series AA338/04