Buanditj South-East S.A., A-Q Native

Drawer 1 of 4. This drawer contains the first part (A-Q) of a Buanditj vocabulary compiled from a range of literature sources. The cards in alphabet sections 'A' and 'B' have ball point pen annotations transcribing the head word into Tindale's preferred orthography. It is possible that these annotations were made in the 1980s during a visit by Tindale to the museum.The main sources are Mrs J Smith's Booandik tribe of South Australian Aborigines, 1880; Robert Henry Mathews's 'Language of the Bungandity tribe, South Australia', Journal and Proceedings of the Royal Society of New South Wales, Vol.37, 1903, pp. 59-74; and Duncan Stewart's contribution to EM Curr's Australian Race, 1886-7. There are also a few entries drawn from Tindale's manuscript materials. See also the Buanditj vocabulary and place name cards relating to Tindale's South East of South Australia place names project, AA 338/7/1/5. A small number of Buanditj cards are found in shoeboxes AA 338/7/1/18-19.

Tindale Tribes: Bunganditj.

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/7/2/26
Date Range1934  -  1980
Quantity 15.4cm,   1   metal filing drawer, approx. 35 cm of cards
Series AA338/07
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