Bunganditj (SA)

LocationGlenelg and Wannon rivers, Victoria; at Dartmoor, Balmoral, Mount Zero, Casterton, Western Grampians; at Lake Mundi; west to Mount Gambier, Penola, Robe, and coast south of Cape Jaffa. At least five hordes in South Australia and others in western Victoria. Under pressure of Jaadwa people, they were contracting southward toward Casterton about the time of first white contacts. Visitors from the stoneless north were interested primarily in the stone ax factory site near Harrow and the black flint of Cape Northumberland beaches. The word for man was ['bung] at Mount Gambier, ['ba:ng] at Lake Wallace, changing to ['kuli] near the boundary with 'Jaadwa and Tjapwurong tribes, to ['tura:l] in the northwest and to ['koloin] at the Wannon River, indicating differences of dialect in the several hordes and differing degrees of association with adjoining tribes. Stewart in 1854 stated they had only 25 miles (40 km.) of coastline, a gross error, perhaps due to a misprint, since 125 miles (200 km.) would be closer to the mark. The Burhwundeirtch of Smyth apparently were the same people. Color plates 4 and 12 are relevant.
Co-ordinates141°10'E x 37°35'S
Area7,400 sq. m. (19,200 sq. km.)
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Alternative NamesPungandaitj (a valid pronunciation), Buanditj (valid short version), Bungandity, Bungandaitj, Bungandaetch, Bungandaetcha, Pungantitj, Pungandik, Buanditj, Boandik, Buandic, Booandik, Bangandidj, Buandik, Buandic, Boandiks, Bunganditjngolo (language name), Borandikngolo (misprint), Barconedeet, Bak-on-date, Smoky River tribe, Mount Gambier dialect, Nguro (of eastern tribes), Booandik-ngolo, Drualat-ngolonung.
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