Letter from Tindale to Mr and Mrs Dyer, 24 May 1924

Archive Collections / Dr Norman Barnett Tindale / Series AA338/77 / Letter from Tindale to Mr and Mrs Dyer, 24 May 1924

Letter from NB Tindale to AJ Dyer and Mrs Dyer concerning papers published on Groote Eylandt expedition; Roper River flooding; submission of nutmeg specimens to JM Maiden, Botanic Gardens Sydney for identification; Dutch, Portuguese and Macassan voyages to Groote Eylandt c.1600-1700; request for translation of vocabularies; Captain Wilkins 1924 expedition to Groote Eylandt for the British Museum; preparation of a publication on Mountain Creek Cave.

People mentioned: Arthur Mills Lea (see AA 867); Dorothy May Gibson; JM Maiden; Director, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, England; M Flinders; Sir Edward Pellew; J Umbereary; Captain Wilkins; Mr Perriman; Mr Warren; Miss Cross; Timothy

Places mentioned: Groote Eylandt (NT); Fiji; Roper River (NT); Adelaide (SA); Celebes (Sulawesi); Halmahera Island (Indonesia); Macassar (Indonesia); Bickerton Island (NT); Elcho Island (NT); Darwin (NT); Bartalumbu Bay (NT); Amalipa (NT); Mountain Creek Cave (NT)

Tindale Tribes: Nunggubuju; Ingura

Typed letter, 3 pages

Two pages of accompanying notes titled 'Notes and Queries re Natives'

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/77/5/1-5
Date Range24 May, 1924  -  24 May, 1924
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FormatsGeneral Correspondence, Loose Notes
Series AA338/77
Tindale Tribes: