Iliaura Vocabulary, 1930

Supplementary to Journal: 'Anthropological Expedition to MacDonald Downs, Central Australia. Journal and field notes by Norman B. Tindale. Aug.-Sept. 1930. Adelaide, South Australia.1930' (AA 338/1/6).

This item contains approximately 260 Iliaura words on paper slips. A basic entry includes an Iliaura word and an English gloss. Most of these words were recorded by Tindale during the University of Adelaide's Board for Anthropological Research's expedition to MacDonald Downs in August 1930. The paper slips contain data found in Tindale's MacDonald Downs journal (AA 338/1/6, see especially pp. 145-147; 164-171). The slips were originally stored in a brown envelope labelled: 'Iliara Tribe at Macdonald Downs. Original Vocab N.B. Tindale Aug 1930'. Note that during the MacDonald Downs expedition Tindale also recorded 20 Iliaura words on wax cylinder, but this recording does not appear to have survived.

Tindale Tribes: Iliaura.

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/8/16
Date Range1930  -  1930
Quantity 7.5cm,   3   volumes of paper slips (approx. 8.5x5.5 cm), handwritten in ink and pencil
Series AA338/08
Tindale Tribes: