'Djaru Tribe R1027 Tommy Tjungariri (Djulngjiri) 29 Sept 1953'

Archive Collections / Board for Anthropological Research / Series AA346/21 / 'Djaru Tribe R1027 Tommy Tjungariri (Djulngjiri) 29 Sept 1953'

Red, yellow, white and black drawing of concentric circles and connecting lines by Tommy Tjungariri (Djulngjiri).

Labels by NB Tindale include: 'Kulkawitjarn water', 'Jararuman near Gordon Downs Stn. My fathers country there', 'Tju:nu near Gordon Downs', 'country where in older days fire burnt country; fire waterholes there; my father saved from big fire', 'spring water at Gordon Downs Station', 'ngalumaja = a kind of kona:ri' and '2nd Water at Gordon Downs Station'.

Sociological data cards (AA 346/4/22) identify the artist as Tommy Djulnajiri.

Previously numbered 151.

Tindale Tribes: Djaru.

CreatorBoard for Anthropological Research
ControlAA 346/21/2/159
Date Range29 September, 1953  -  29 September, 1953
Quantity 0.1cm,   1   crayon drawing, 36x53.5 cm
Series AA346/21
Tindale Tribes: