Djaru (WA)

LocationEast of Ramsay Range along Margaret River to the Mary River Junction. East from the headwaters of Christmas Creek, skirting the sand desert fringe eastward to Cummins Range, Sturt Creek Station, and the Northern Territory border. Thence northward to Nicholson Station homestead, the headwaters of Ord River above the Dixon Range, keeping east of Alice Downs to Hall Creek and the Margaret River gorge. Those living near the Margaret River boundary are said to talk a little differently but are of the same tribe and have the same social organization. The name Njining applies to all Djaru people and seems to be a true alternative name. It is more in use at Flora valley than it is farther west. The southernmost water is Ngaimangaima (Ima Ima Pool on maps) where they meet southern peoples, Ngardi and Kokatja, for ceremonies. The northern hordes, now focused on Turner Station, are called Kodjangana. Capell (1940) is in error in accepting Djaru as cognate with the term Djerag, which is not a tribal name but a native version of the name of the European Durack family who pioneered the tribal area of the Kitja (which see). The Margaret River Djaru were the principal sufferers in the massacre at Hangman Creek. Berndt (1965: 187) incorrectly lists Njining and Djaru as if they were separate tribes.
Co-ordinates128°0'E x 18°40'S
Area13,000 sq. m. (33,800 sq. km.)
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Alternative NamesDjaro (valid alternative), Jarroo, Jarrou, Jarrau, Charrau, Jaruo, Djara (? misprint), Deharu, Jaruru (class term), Njining (language name), Njinin, Nyinin, Nining, Neening, Meening (apparently typographical error), Ka:biri (apparently local group on Margaret River), Karbery, Kodjangana (valid name for the northern Djaru), Ruby Creek tribe.
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