'Paddy Bedford Njungul b. Bedford Downs Kitja Tribe'

Hand drawn map showing tribal boundaries by Paddy Bedford. Names of tribes and locations are in red crayon and annotations are in black pen by NB Tindale.

The following groups and locations are represented:
'birth place of informant Paranginj', 'Bedford downs', 'Blackfellow creek', 'Winduwa', 'Tjawuraka rockhole ="victory hole"', 'Wilingmari "McPie Hole"', 'Tjawunara', 'Tjaunara creek', 'Tamburumoritji Pelican Hole'.

Previously numbered 24.

Tindale Tribes: Kitja; Miwa; Djaru.

CreatorBoard for Anthropological Research
ControlAA 346/22/19
Date Range29 August, 1953  -  29 August, 1953
Quantity 0.1cm,   1   crayon drawing, 36x53.5 cm
Series AA346/22
Tindale Tribes: