Bentinck and Mornington Island (Queensland) anthropological data cards

Archive Collections / Board for Anthropological Research / Series AA346/04 / Bentinck and Mornington Island (Queensland) anthropological data cards
Board for Anthropological Research Expedition AI 'Bentinck I[sland] Series' and 'For.[syth] I[sland]' series

One card series containing anthropological data collected on the Board for Anthropological Research expedition to Bentinck and Mornington Islands, Queensland, undertaken by NB Tindale and PF Aitken from 22 April to 13 June, 1960. The expedition was given BAR symbol AI.

This series comprises two groups of cards; one labelled ' Bentinck I.[sland] series BI 1 - 42', and a second group labelled 'For[syth] I[land]. Note that there is not a series of Sociological data cards with photographs, but portrait photographs were taken and are located in the NB Tindale collection (AA 338).

This series comprises printed cards titled: 'UCLA - Australian Population Genetics'. Data has been recorded under the following headings: in the first section: Place, Date, Observer, Recorder, (individual subject) Number, Sex, Age, Effage, Gen[etic] Key, Name, Birthplace, Own Tribe, Father's [Tribe], Mother's [Tribe], Own Horde, Father's [Horde], Mother's [Horde], and a line for data relating to photographs taken. The second section has four columns for recording physical observations and measurements (anthropometric data); the reverse of the cards has a further four sections for recording physical observations and measurements (anthropometric data). These cards have NB Tindale as Observer and P Aitken as recorder. There is a note in NB Tindale's hand on the first card: 'These are the originals 1 set passed to J Birdsell Aug.1961. 1 set xeroxed for NBT'.

These cards are in two groups:

  • BI 1 - BI 42 Bentinck Island Series

  • FI 1 - FI 10 Forsyth Island Series

Note that within any given series the amount of data recorded varies from card to card.

This series contains references to: Queensland.

Note that most cards have data recorded under the heading 'Own Tribe'. In the descriptions which follow, any information under 'Tribe' relating to the (subject numbered) individual in the Sociological Data series only has been reproduced. Note that some cards also record data under 'Tribe' for kin of the individual.

Note that the data cards contain variant spellings of tribal/language group names. In the descriptions here the various terms and spellings have been reproduced, with what appear to be amendments noted in square brackets. At the end of this series an attempt has been made to supply corresponding tribal/language group names according to standardised spellings adopted by NB Tindale (see AA 338) and AIATSIS (Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies); however, this has not been possible in all cases.

Tribes/groups recorded: (Aurukun), Kaiadilt, Janggal, Janggala, Lardil.

Tindale Tribes: Janggal; Kaiadilt; Lardiil.

AIATSIS Tribal/Language Groups: Gananggalinda; Gayardilt; Lardil.

These cards are located in Drawer 24.

CreatorBoard for Anthropological Research
ControlAA 346/4/23
Date Range16 May, 1960  -  02 June, 1960
Quantity 1.5cm,   1   card series; cards 20.5 x 12.7 cm
Series AA346/04