Documentation relating to Campbell's archaeological investigations

  1. Three page typescript "A study in dental health".

  2. Three page typescript "The frequent occurance of dental troubles".

  3. Five page manuscript "Just how recently".

  4. Four page typescript "Sufficient to show".

  5. Three page typescript "Important features of the Australid dento-gnathic system".

  6. Three page typescript "Attrition".

  7. Four page typescript "Use of teeth".

  8. Two page typescript "Discussion".

  9. Three page typescript "Conclusions".

  10. Two page manuscript "After epilogue".

  11. Invitation to see "The University's expedition to the Pearson Islands (February 1960) colour film on 20 October 1960, supported by:

  12. Four black and white photographs of seed grinding and two photographs of Australian Aboriginal man cooking kangaroo.

  13. Hand coloured drawing of Pearson Islands.

  14. Manuscript notes Mathew Flinders 1802.

  15. Correspondence from Dental Officer Alice Springs dated 2 May 1958 Yuendumu.

  16. Nine page typescript "Report 8-26 February 1956 field excursion to Lake Eyre North and Coopers Creek" Mr Rau, Muloorina, Paradise Creek, Mundowdna swamp, Marree, Dulkaninna, Etadunna, Coopers Creek, Wilpena Pond, Frome River, Mr Bowshall, Lake Lettie, Oraparinna, Barytes Mine Track, Mrs Chalmers, Rockefeller Foundation, Australian National Research Council, Dr Clarke Wissler, Yale University, Physical Anthropology, Physiological and Psychological observations, Ethnology, Technology.

  17. Correspondence from Stanley Hawes to The News and Information Bureau dated 6 February 1966 'Proposal for filming of western desert Aboriginies in 1966', Ian Dunlop, Mandjindjadjara linguistic group, Djuguju djagamara (Australian Aboriginal man), Ngadjadjara, Warburton Mission, Minma djuburula, Jupiter Well.

  18. Four sets "Section 'F' " ANZUS 1967 Excursion 'The Mount William Aboriginal axe-stone quarry'

Tindale Tribes: Mandjildjara; Ngadadjara.

CreatorProfessor Thomas Draper Campbell
ControlAA 52/4/15 A-R
Date Range1960  -  1960
FormatsGeneral Correspondence, Maps, Loose Photographic Prints
Series AA 52/04
Tindale Tribes: