Ngadadjara (WA)

LocationAt Warburton Ranges, east to Fort Welcome, Blackstone Ranges, Murray Range, and Mount Hinckley; their southeasternmost water being Ero:tjo, just south of Wangalina; northeastward to Kudjuntari in the Schwerin Mural Crescent Range; at ['Julia] (Giles) in the Rawlinson Ranges. North to Hopkins Lake and Carnegie Range and beyond Christopher Lake; west to Tekateka and Jalara and about Alfred Marie Ranges. Gould (1968), confusing tribe and language, considers this not to be a tribe. The Ngatatara of Roheim (1933) are the Jumu of the western MacDonnell Ranges. C. Berndt (1965:243) by implication made an unwarranted equation with this tribe resulting in considerable warping of her data. Much detail about this tribe is recorded in the 16mm films of the 1935 expedition from the University of Adelaide, led by me. Since 1917 the Warara portion of the Ngadadjara have extended their movements into the Petermann Ranges following the eastward shift of the Pitjandjara in that year. Color plates 27 and 28 are relevant. Warupuju Soak in the Warburton Ranges was the site of the studies made in 1935. Unfortunately, in an editorial blunder not seen by this author, Warupuju was given repeatedly in Tindale and George (1971) as though it was a tribal name. In each instance, the tribal name should have been Ngadadjara and the locality Warupuju.
Co-ordinates127°15'E x 25°15'S
Area30,000 sq. m. (78,000 sq. km.)
ReferencesTindale, 1935 MS, 1936, 1937, 1940, 1941, 1957 MS, 1965, 1966 MS, 1968, 1972 (in press); Stocker and Tindale, 1935 films; Serventy, 1961; Tindale and Lindsay, 1963; Berndt, 1964; C. Berndt, 1965; Dunlop et al., 1967 films; Gould, 1967, 1968; Macfarlane, 1969; Tindale and George, 1971.
Alternative NamesNga:da (short form of name), Rumudjara, Witjandja (name of the people of the Warburton Range horde), Wirtjandja (alternative name), Ngadatara (Pitjandjara term), Ngatatjara, Ngatatara (misprint), Ngadjatara, Ngadadara, Nadadjara, Ngadatjara, Ngadawongga, Jabungadja ('mountain Ngadja,' i.e., Ngadadjara of Rawlinson Ranges), Warara (name used for the northeastern hordes), Teitudjara (name used by Nan:a to west), Nga:dapitjardi (name applied by western people to hordes near Blackstone Ranges), Nganadjara (name used by Warburton Range hordes for those northeast toward the Rawlinson Ranges, also shortened to Ngan:a), Wan:udjara (eastern Ngadadjara name for their northern hordes at Giles ['Julia] in the Rawlinson Ranges); Ku:rara (name given by Pitjandjara to people of Rawlinson Ranges).
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