1. Group photograph, Australian Aboriginal women marked "Dups Dec 1966"

  2. Australian Aboriginal children playing ball game marked "Hermansburg and Warrabri 1966"

  3. Landacape marked "March '67 flood junction of Jeremiah and Ellerys"

  4. Landacape marked "Finke flood Mar '67. From roof of Post Office"

  5. Four men marked "90th anniversary of Hbg founding, 8 June 1967. Kempe, Schwartz & party. Digging 1st well in Sandy Creek"

  6. Landscape marked "Foggy and showery, similar day 90 years before. Digging for water June 8th 1967"

  7. Group photograph marked "Re enactment of missionaries 1st contact with Aranda men. Richard Moketarinja (Tjalkaljeri, Australian Aboriginal man). Offered bread, shaved beards, 8th June 1967"

  8. Group photograph, Australian Aboriginal people

  9. Landscape marked "Ampol Th- Palm Valley"

  10. Landscape marked "Near Haasts Bluff"

  11. Working man marked "Bootmaking"

  12. Landscape marked "Haasts Bluff road with Gosses Range"

  13. Two Australian Aboriginal men marked "Branding cattle"

  14. Wedding party leaving church marked "Paul (Albrecht, See AA 707) and Helen"

  15. Group photograph mnarked "At Papunya Ngalantu"

  16. Group photograph marked "Conference Ernabella"

  17. Inside church marked "Opening of Alice Springs church"

  18. Landscape marked "New house for natives Hermannsburg"

  19. Landscape marked "Alice Springs Lutheran Church"

  20. Group photograph marked "Native (Australian Aboriginal) children outside our tent at Mary Vale"

CreatorPastor Friedrich Wilhelm Albrecht
ControlAA 662/109/5
Date Range1966  -  1967
Quantity   20   35x50 mm color slides
Series AA 662/109