Photographs from South Australia, Northern Territory, Western Australia and Queensland.

Archive Collections / Marjorie Alice Angas / Series AA676/05 / Photographs from South Australia, Northern Territory, Western Australia and Queensland.

This item contains 361 photographs contained within the original album. The album has references to Point McLeay (SA), Point Pearce (SA), Glossop (SA), Musgrave Ranges (SA), The Granites (SA), Cordillo Downs (SA), Flinders Ranges (SA), Mann Ranges (SA, NT), Ooldea (SA), Oodnadatta (SA), Ernabella (SA), Warburton Ranges (SA), Finniss Springs (SA), Gosse Range Station (SA), Quorn (SA), Victor Harbour (SA), Grange (SA), Killalpaninna (SA), Swan Reach (SA), Berri (SA), Arnhem Land (NT), Sandover Creek (NT), Mount Liebig (NT), Hermannsburg (NT), Port Darwin (NT), Oenpelli Station (NT), Macdonnell Ranges (NT), Alice Springs (NT), Hale River (NT), Tanami (NT), Cockatoo Creek, Roper River (NT), Goulburn Island (NT), Crocker Island (NT), Tennant Creek (NT), Finke River (NT), Elcho Island (NT), New Norcia Mission (WA), Kunmunya Mission Station (WA), Mount Margaret Mission (WA) and Mapoon Mission (QLD). Some of the images bear typed annotations.

  1. Group of unidentified children.

  2. Man smoking a pipe

  3. Two unidentified men

  4. Two unidentified men with ornaments

  5. Group of unidentified men

  6. Unidentified man

  7. Unidentified man

  8. 'Pt McLeay Church Memorial Window'.

  9. Group of adults and children gathered around a car.

  10. Group of unidentified women and children

  11. Group of unidentified men in traditional dress

  12. Group of children with Rev. Sexton standing behind the group.

  13. Group of people in white clothing standing in front of church

  14. Two girls, Innes Dodd is at the front. The woman at the back is unidentified.

  15. Map of Australia with missions marked on it.

  16. Woman with a child on her back

  17. Group of people in traditional dress

  18. 'A Native Spearing Fish - Arnhem Land'

  19. Spotted eggs on the ground

  20. 'The Guardian of the Emu Totem, Central Australia'.

  21. Blue tounge lizard

  22. 'Making Baskets Pt. McLeay'.

  23. Group of unidentified men

  24. Warning this photograph may be restricted, illustration of possible ceremony

  25. 'Australia Calling'

  26. Unidentified object

  27. 'Jubilee Pt McLeay'

  28. 'David Unaipon, full-blooded native Narrinyeri Tribe and spokesman for the Aboriginal People'.

  29. 'David Unaipon, Orator'.

  30. David Unaipon

  31. 'David Unaipon, Native Advocate, S.A.'

  32. 'David Unaipon in a New Role as Cathedral Preacher'

  33. 'A native youth from the Musgrave Ranges'

  34. 'A native chief of the Luritja tribe, Musgrave Ranges'.

  35. 'An old man of the tribe'.

  36. 'Native of Central Australia'.

  37. 'Warrior of the Wilds, Sandover Creek'.

  38. 'Alf Cameron, Farmer'.

  39. 'Aboriginal of The Granites North Australia'.

  40. 'Albert Namatjira (See AA229)'

  41. 'George Rankine, Artisan'.

  42. 'Native Cent. Aust.'

  43. 'Pointing the bone'.

  44. 'A Central Australian Native. Note the Chignon'.

  45. 'Parana, The old rain maker at Cordillo Downs'.

  46. 'Mark Wilson, Philosopher'.

  47. 'An old Native of the Kuyari Tribe, Flinders Range, South Australia'.

  48. 'Harold Kropinyeri, Local Preacher'.

  49. 'James Noble, Clergyman Queensland'.

  50. 'Native boy drinking water from a coolimon'.

  51. 'Jimmy James, Tracker'.

  52. 'An aboriginal at Mount Liebig, sharpening his spear for a hunting expredition'.

  53. 'An old-timer, with well-worn trousers'.

  54. 'Blackfellow, Mann Ranges'.

  55. 'A profile view of a young native man just initiated with headgear complete. Taken at Ooldea, By H. Green (See AA113)'.

  56. 'Nose Bone as worn by the Aboriginal People'.

  57. 'Aboriginal Using His Spear'.

  58. 'Native Art: Aboriginal with Snake Decoration on his body'.

  59. Warning this photograph may be restricted, 'an Aboriginal in Full Regalia for the Corroboree'.

  60. 'A Central Australian Native'.

  61. 'Throwing the Boomerang'.

  62. 'Replenishing the Native Larder. "News" Photo'.

  63. 'A Black Tracker. The natives are masters in the art of tracking. "News" Photo. Jimmy James (See AA1) Native Name Mitamirri'.

  64. 'Doug. Nicholls, Sportsman'.

  65. 'Mark Wilson. Native leader educated and trained by the A.F.A. at Point McLeay'.

  66. 'Seeking for Game in the Musgrave Country'.

  67. 'Near Todmorden Station, Loritja black with emu on his head, ready cooked for eating'.

  68. 'Blind Moses, Evangelist'.

  69. 'The Water of Life. Native drinking from a rock hole, Central Australia'.

  70. 'The Native Woman as a Cameleer'.

  71. 'Peterman Native Carrying Emu'.

  72. 'Carved Work by Natives on East-West Line'.

  73. 'Micky Dow Dow'.

  74. Unidentified woman smoking a pipe.

  75. 'Native Woman in Full Regalia'.

  76. 'Native Woman, Ooldea'.

  77. 'Rev. George Taplin (See AA319) Missionary Teacher and Linguist'.

  78. Warning this photograph may be restricted, 'Ernabella Native Decorated for a Ceremony'.

  79. 'Aboriginal of the Narrinyeri Tribe'.

  80. 'Cockling on the Coorong'.

  81. 'Native Narrinyeri Tribe'.

  82. 'Joseph Koolmateri'.

  83. 'James Unaipon'.

  84. 'Albert Namatjira'.

  85. 'A snapshot of Mark Wilson'.

  86. 'Aboriginal outside Wurlie Pt. McLeay 1890.

  87. 'Native Warriors, Central Australia'.

  88. 'A tribe of blacks who gave the Duke of Gloucester a rousing reception at Ooldea'.

  89. 'A call of the wild'.

  90. 'A Northen Territory Native with Ornaments'.

  91. 'Typical stone age Aboriginal People'.

  92. 'A unique conference on aboriginal problems was held at the City Mission, Adelaide, recently between the Secretary of the Aboriginal People' Friends' Association (Rev. J.H. Sexton) and three leading Aboriginal People, David Unaipon, a full-blood and chief of the Warrawaldi tribe; and Mark Wilson and George Rankine, two half-castes'.

  93. 'Natives in training for military service. The Aboriginal People played a worthy part in the defence of Australia'.

  94. Warning this photograph may be restricted, 'Natives Decorated for a Corroboree Ceremonial'.

  95. 'Natives Receving Rations, Oodnadatta'.

  96. 'Natives in the Far North'.

  97. 'A very striking photograph of the late Alfred Taylor, a most intelligent aboriginal of the New Norcia Mission, Western Australia, and his descendants.He is here shown with his wife, children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren'.

  98. 'Mr Kramer & Children'

  99. 'Illbilla Natives, Central Australia'.

  100. 'Native Prisoners'.

  101. 'Arnhem Land Aboriginal People'.

  102. 'Young Aboriginal People learning to make weapons. They soon become skilful in the use of them'.

  103. 'Board of Enquiry Cent. Aust.'

  104. 'At Napperby Station. A typical stockboym lubra and piccaninny'.

  105. 'Mother has gone a-hunting, leaving Dad to look after the children'.

  106. 'Hunting'.

  107. 'Hermannsburg Water Colour Artists, Albert Namajira, watched by two old men while painting at Haast's Bluff, Central Australia'.

  108. Warning this photograph may be restricted, 'Preparing Felting for Kurdaitya [Kurdaitcha] Shoes, Ernabella'.

  109. 'Natives in Warburton Range in Search of Food'.

  110. Warning this photograph may be restricted, 'Aboriginal People from Mount Liebig decorated with ceremonial designs on their bodies'.

  111. Warning this photograph may be restricted, 'Mt. Liebig Aboriginal People Preparing for Kangaroo Ceremony'.

  112. Warning this photograph may be restricted, 'A Native Corroboree, Warburton Ranges'.

  113. 'Three natives from Peterman Ranges'.

  114. '"The Walk-about," Northern Territory Natives'.

  115. 'Natives at Ooldea with their missionary (Mr. H. E. Green)'.

  116. 'Primitive conditions still exist among the Aboriginal People. An aboriginal family group photographed in the reserves'.

  117. 'Mr Sexton addressing natives'.

  118. 'Awaiting Xmas Cheer Cent Aust.'

  119. 'The joy of Christmas. Mr. Kramer distributing Christmas Cheer to native boys and girls in Central Australia'.

  120. 'Milingimbi Native Boys at Port Darwin'.

  121. 'Family Group'.

  122. 'Fine Outback Types of Aboriginal People at Oenpelli Station'.

  123. 'Young warrior (Ilpirra tribe), lubra, and family'.

  124. 'Group at Hermannsburg Mission Station, Macdonnell Ranges'.

  125. 'An Aranda family, McDonnell Ranges'.

  126. 'Group of Native Men, Alice Springs'.

  127. 'The Headmen of Hale River'.

  128. 'Glimpse of Natives in the Reserves'.

  129. 'Warriors in Central Australia'.

  130. 'Group of warriors from tribes to the west of Hermannsburg, Central Australia'.

  131. 'Types of Natives 100 miles west of Oodnadatta'.

  132. 'At Horeshoe Bend. Gathering of Natives'.

  133. 'Typical Aboriginal Stockmen of the Interior'.

  134. 'Aboriginal People Gathered in the Wilds'.

  135. 'The United Aboriginal People (See AA624)' New mission at Finniss Springs'.

  136. 'Two Typical Men of the Loritja Tribe'.

  137. 'Natives assembled at Alice Springs for Christmas presents. The men sitting in one group, the women in another'.

  138. 'The Head Man, "Napperby Billy," and his family. His word is law'.

  139. 'A Group of Yumu Tribesmen at Gosse Range Station'.

  140. 'Blind man at Schabers, 30 miles north of Arltunga. His lubra posing for this photograph'.

  141. 'Micky Dow Dow, a goat shepherd, who was one of the Mr. Kramer's most faithful helpers in carrying on his mission work at Alice Springs'.

  142. 'Group at Plenty River, 22 miles east of Macdonnell Ranges'.

  143. 'Mr. Kramer is seen coming with his camel team. A welcome awaits him'.

  144. 'Ilpirra Tribe, Ruling Elders. The head dress signifies kingship and authority'.

  145. 'An aboriginal family in a bark canoe, North Australia'.

  146. Warning this photograph may be restricted, 'Dog Corroboree. Central Australia'.

  147. '"The Walk-about." Natives on the march'.

  148. 'Cooper Town. Aboriginal Camp, Alice Springs'.

  149. '"Old People's Homes". Two large wurleys erected at Alice Springs for sheltering old, sick, infirm and blind natives'.

  150. 'Christmas Gathering of men, Alice Springs'.

  151. 'Waterhole near Mount Stuart, from which Ilpirra natives draw supplies'.

  152. 'Just Married! Off for the honeymoon'.

  153. 'Rev. J.H. Sexton & David Unaipon'.

  154. 'Natives imitating birds'.

  155. 'Two Tribes assembled near Alice Springs for fighting purposes'.

  156. 'Blackboys rounding up horses on a Far Northern Station'.

  157. 'Native Children, Central Australia'.

  158. Group of unidentified people.

  159. 'Group of Hale River Soak Natives'.

  160. 'The skeleton of the building erected for the half-caste children at Jay Creek. Water has now been struck at Temple Bar and the Children's Home will be located there'.

  161. 'Meeting of Aranda and Ilpirra natives, Woodforde Crossing'.

  162. 'Mrs. Stanley teacher, Mr. Kramer and group of white and half-caste children at Alice Springs'.

  163. 'Photo of Natives in the Mann Ranges'.

  164. 'Hermansburg. General View of the Mission Station'.

  165. 'Waiting for the Mails'.

  166. 'Pt. McLeay Church 1896'.

  167. 'In camp Pt.McLeay 1890'.

  168. 'School Pt. McLeay 1890'.

  169. 'Tailing Lambs'.

  170. 'Native Family'.

  171. 'Gardening Pt. McLeay 1896'.

  172. '1920 Mrs Stanley, Mr Kramer & CH Alice Sp'.

  173. 'Rev. Ged. Taplin (See AA319) & Native Boy 1871 (David Lealinyeri)'.

  174. 'Aboriginal People brought to Quorn to take part in the production of the film, Bitter Springs. They are here listening to a radio session over a portable radio belonging to Mr J. Barrett, of the Ooldea Mission'.

  175. 'Fine types of Australian Aboriginal people, carrying weapons and marching in proper order through the bush'.

  176. 'Unveiling Taplin memorial Pt. McLeay 1950'.

  177. 'Ooldea Mission June 24th 1952'.

  178. 'Mr. Ephraim Tripp and his wife and family in their new house at Victor Harbour'.

  179. 'Some of the erstwhile Ooldea natives brought up from the Yalata for the unveiling of the Daisy Bates (See AA23) Memorial in November'.

  180. 'Lady Mayoress of Adelaide (Mrs. J.S. Philps), who distributed Christmas gifts at Estcourt House, Grange, showing a spaceman to aboriginal patients out of their Christmas stocking'.

  181. 'A six year old aboriginal boy with both legs in plaster. He is Colin Mc Donald and was flown down from Alice Springs for treatment at the Adelaide Children's Hospital, before going to Warrawee Home at Grange'.

  182. Unidentified woman.

  183. 'A Real Australian Smile'.

  184. 'A group of half-caste girls who conduct their own laundry on a profit-sharing basis'.

  185. 'Types of native women in Central Australia'.

  186. 'Natives love dogs and apparently cannot have too many'.

  187. 'Native Women Preparing Food'

  188. 'Boys are Taught to Work at Kunmunya Mission Station, W.A.'

  189. 'Mount Margaret Mission, W.A. Mrs. M. M. Bennett, with an assistant, teaching the native children'.

  190. 'Afghan camp in the far north'.

  191. 'Bush Children arrived at Ooldea Mission'.

  192. 'Bush Natives arrived at Ooldea Mission'.

  193. 'Girls at Ooldea Mission Children's Home'.

  194. 'Spinifex Natives, East-West Line'.

  195. Group of unidentified people.

  196. 'The arrival of the East-West Express tram at Ooldea'.

  197. 'Native Girls Pt. McLeay'.

  198. 'A Group of Half-caste Children'.

  199. 'Native Women and Children at Tanami, Northern Territory'.

  200. 'Natives at Middleton Ponds. The central girl is a quadroon'.

  201. 'In the Warburton Ranges. Mother grinding native seed for food'.

  202. 'Native Boys and Girls at Bond Springs'.

  203. 'Cockatoo Creek, Central Australia. Women and children digging yelka bulbs for food purposes'.

  204. Unidentified Australian Aboriginal boy.

  205. 'Native Hut, Hermannsburg'.

  206. 'Aranda Children'

  207. 'Native children at Roper River, North Australia, in their new Christmas dresses. These children are receiving training and instruction ini the Bible by C.M.S. Missionaries'.

  208. 'Photo of native mothers and piccaninnies at Hermannsburg'.

  209. 'Milkers, Hermannsburg Mission Station'.

  210. 'The Touch of Civilisation. Native children, Killalpaninna'.

  211. 'Native women doing fancy needlework'.

  212. 'Photo taken in the S.A. northern reserve. It shows that the native women are beginning to wear clothing through coming into contact with civilization'.

  213. 'Native Boys and Girls at Swan Reach with their Teacher, Mrs. Wyld'.

  214. 'Native mothers from the wilds posing for a photograph'.

  215. 'Native Women, Alice Springs'.

  216. 'Half-Caste Women's Sewing Guild, Alice Springs'.

  217. 'A Sunday School gathering at Cockatoo Creek, Northern Australia'.

  218. 'Native Camp Children, Ooldea'.

  219. 'Senior Girls at a Mission School'.

  220. 'Typical Aranda Women, Hermannsburg'.

  221. 'Native mothers and children. Taken outside store, Alice Springs'.

  222. 'David, Orphan, Cared for from Two Months Old in Home, Ooldea'.

  223. 'S.A. Chief Protector (Mr. M. T. McLean) and Native Children at Point Pearce Station'.

  224. 'Natives love dogs and apparently cannot have too many'.

  225. 'School Children, Point Pearce'.

  226. 'Tennant Creek lubra, dog, and piccaninny'.

  227. 'The Dormitory Children at Mapoon Mission, Queensland'.

  228. 'Under the Great Taskmatster's Eye' Native children at school at Hermannsburg'.

  229. 'A Group of Aranda Girls'.

  230. 'Scene in the dormitory, Point McLeay'.

  231. 'Point Pearce State School'.

  232. 'Native Women'.

  233. '(Pt McLeay) Lola. Dodd now Sumner'.

  234. 'Native Children, Narrinyeri Tribe'.

  235. 'Piccaninnies'

  236. 'Woodwork, Point McLeay'.

  237. 'State School, Point McLeay. Photo W.T. Lawrie'.

  238. 'Music hath charms. Native Fife and Drum band, Point McLeay'.

  239. 'The School Band, Point McLeay'.

  240. 'Native Children Pt. McLeay'.

  241. 'Toothbrush Drill Pt. McLeay'.

  242. 'Lubra' and 'Picaninnies. Pt. Mc.L'.

  243. 'Children Cent Aust 1920'.

  244. 'Woman Narrinyeri Tribe 1890'.

  245. 'Woman Pt. Mc.Leay'.

  246. 'Aboriginal lubras and piccaninnies outback. These native women have their anxieties in providing food for the children'.

  247. 'Joe Dann, Bronco Dann, Jack Comeagain, W.A. Aboriginal People, who appeared before a Federal Conciliation Commissioner in Perth during the year to support a claim that Aboriginal People should come under the Pastoral Workers Award. (Block kindly lent by "The Advertiser")'.

  248. Group of unidentified children

  249. 'Girls from Crocker Island, N.T., living at the Methodist Childrens' Home, Magill, and attending Primary School'.

  250. 'Nanglomin, and his wife Adadawa, who came down from the Methodist Mission Goulburn Island, N.T., to attend the National Christian Youth Convention held in Adelaide. Rev. William Gowland, of England, was Guest Speaker'.

  251. 'Teenagers from the Methodist Mission, Crocker Island, N.T., in Adelaide to attend High School'.

  252. 'Rev. Gordon Rowe O.B.E.'

  253. 'Sister Faith Coulthard, S.A. fast bowler and Member of Test Team against England, receiving tips from the State Women's Cricket Coach, Mr. Howard Mutton, during practice at the Teachers' College Oval, Adelaide'.

  254. 'Sir Thomas Playford, Premier of South Australia, showing his souvenir rail track spike to Percy Dodd and his son at Marree, at the opening of the Standard gauge railway line. (Block kindly lent by "Advertiser")'.

  255. 'S.A. Hockey Captain, Marjorie Adam, giving advice to Alice Springs Players before their match - Sept., 1957. From Left: Maureen Trindle, Kathleen Wilson, and May Steward'.

  256. 'The Prime Minister, Hon. R. G. Menzies, at the Weipa Presbyterian Mission, Queensland. Billy, 6 and Daniel, 4, are taking great interest in the camera and photographer. 1958'.

  257. 'Some of the 2,300 delegates from all parts of Australia who attended the 27th National Christian Endeavour Convention in Adelaide. From left: Iris Hampton, W.A.; Fred Pegus, Q.; Edith Guard, Q.; Ray Ketchup. Q.; Keith Clark, N.S.W. 1957'.

  258. 'Ruth Annunga, from Winkie on the Murray. She is an inmate of the Crippled Children's Home at Somerton, Adelaide'.

  259. Illustration of Aboriginal tools.

  260. 'Smoke Signal'.

  261. 'Nurse Grace Lester'.

  262. 'Nurse Margaret Laurie'.

  263. 'The Hermannsburg Choir which came south and gave concerts in Adelaide and nearby country downs in 1956. Mr. David Trudinger, conductor is standing, and Pastor Leske, organiser is kneeling'.

  264. 'The A.F.A. Camel Caravan in Central Australia'.

  265. 'Totem Poles, Ooldea.'

  266. 'Native Houses - Pt. MacLeay. View of Point Mcleay, Lake Alexandrina'.

  267. 'Mission church at Point McLeay, South Australia, founded by the Aborigines Friends' Association.'

  268. 'Ayers Rock'.

  269. 'Fine Waterhole, four hundred yards long, the original native reserve, Tennant's Creek'.

  270. 'What the coming of the water from Koporilya Spring means to Hermannsburg. Barren land now turned into a fine vegetable gargen'.

  271. 'One of the wells at Ooldea where the natives obtain water'.

  272. 'A.F.A. Mission on a tour in Central Australia. Camel caravan haltin by an oasis in the desert near Temple Downs Station.

  273. Mission Home, Alice Springs. Mrs Kramer sitting outside'.

  274. Unidentified building with a man wearing a white suit standing outside the building which has a bell tower.

  275. 'Desert Oak S.A. Reserve'.

  276. 'Narda Watertree, C.A. Reserve'.

  277. 'The Finke River'.

  278. 'Barrow Creek Police Staion'.

  279. 'The Royal Mail. Rumbalara to Hermannsburg Mission Station'.

  280. 'Old Pier Point McLeay'.

  281. 'Ernabella Mission Homestead'.

  282. 'The Finke River in flood'.

  283. 'Mission House, Hermannsburg Station, the headquarters of the Finke River Mission'.

  284. 'Modes of Travel. A Buggy and Pair in Central Australia'.

  285. 'Kookaburra'.

  286. 'Cliffs on the Finke, Horseshoe Bend'.

  287. 'The Missionary of the Association travelling in Central Australia'.

  288. Three horses

  289. 'Date Palms in the Macdonnell Ranges'.

  290. 'Oodnadatta Railway Station'.

  291. 'The Old Gum Tree, under which the First Proclamation was made'.

  292. 'Eggs Pt.Elliot'.

  293. 'Cairn on Mount Gillen'.

  294. 'New Guinea Native Police, who have won a reputation for the way they have performed their duties. Australian Aboriginal people are now being trained for police duty in North Australia'.

  295. 'Palms at Coward Springs'.

  296. 'The Hospital for Natives at Point McLeay Station'.

  297. 'Tent'

  298. 'The Old Telegraph Station, Alice Springs, now set apart as a Half-caste Children's Home'.

  299. 'Scene in Ceylon'

  300. 'Orchard Scene'

  301. 'Camel Team'

  302. 'Lake Scene, Point McLeay.'

  303. 'View of the Murray River, along which reserves have been secured for the natives'.

  304. 'The Daisy Bates Memorial Cairn at Ooldea. Unveiled in November by The Hon. Paul Hasluck, Minister for Territories'.

  305. 'Pt. McLeay Church'and 'Mission House'.

  306. 'Scene'.

  307. 'Scene Pt McLeay 1890'.

  308. 'Wool washing Pt. McLeay 1896'.

  309. 'The Revd. John Henry Sexton, O.B.E.'

  310. 'Miss Lillian Knott, Nurse, Point Pearce Station'.

  311. 'Miss Phyliss Flower, Nurse, Point McLeay Station'.

  312. 'Mr. And Mrs. Kramer and family'.

  313. 'Mr. Kramer' and 'Camel Team'.

  314. 'Mr. And Mrs. E. E. Kramer'.

  315. 'Mr. Kramer' with camel.

  316. 'Rev. Mitchell'

  317. 'Her Most Gracious Majesty, Queen Elizabeth'.

  318. 'Seymour Nurse, West Indies batsman, giving hints to Wally Kite, 12, at Berri, S.A.'

  319. 'Lois Briggs, of Melbourne, first native girl to graduate from a Modelling School'.

  320. 'Ron Barassi, Captain of the Melbourne Football Team, V., receiving a boomerang from the Koonibba mission team in Adelaide.'

  321. '"My Fair Lady" 1961'

  322. 'Aboriginal Women's Home in Sussex Street, North Adelaide, opened in January, 1962'.

  323. 'Mrs. F. Graham with Douglas and Cecil at their Penola home, South East'.

  324. 'Mr. And Mrs. K. H. Schulz'.

  325. 'Home of Mr. And Mrs. Ron Kito of Glossop, River Murray'.

  326. 'Mr James Lester'

  327. 'Miss Williams'

  328. 'Robert Tudwali'

  329. 'Miss Patricia Davis'

  330. 'Pastor Douglass Nicholls'

  331. 'Charles Perkins'

  332. 'Miss Dora Hunter'

  333. 'Work Camp Achivement'

  334. Two children playing with a telephone

  335. 'Interesting study of three happy young Aboriginal girls. Arnhem Land, Northern Australia. Photo - Methodist Missions'.

  336. Warning this photograph may be restricted, 'Men decorated for corroboree ceremonial. Ooldea'.

  337. Map of Northern Territory

  338. 'Constructed House'

  339. 'Charles Perkins: Sportsman. Croatia Captain receives Advertiser Cup'.

  340. 'Paddy Joseph Clarrie Stockmen - Oenpelli'.

  341. Rev. Lazarus Lami Lami'.

  342. 'Aboriginal teachers reading the Gospel of St. Mark in Pitjantjatjara, their native tongue. Ernabella.'

  343. 'Charles French'

  344. 'Mrs. Natascha McNamara'

  345. 'Putting in the nose bone. Ooldea.'

  346. 'Ernabella young men reading Gospel of St. Mark in Pitjantjatjara'.

  347. Map of areas around Perth.

  348. 'A 'Family at Mogumber usually consists of a Cottage Mother and nine children'.

  349. 'Sunday School classes at Mogumber'.

  350. 'Agricultural training is a very important aspect of life at Mogumber'.

  351. Map of 'Methodist Missions North Australia'.

  352. 'Methodist Missions, North Australia'.

  353. 'School time, Elcho Island'.

  354. 'Methodist Missions, North Australia The Flying Parson'.

  355. 'Methodist Missions, North Australia The Flying Parson After stores and supplies have been handed out and orders for the next visit written down in his book, Bapa (father), as he is known to the Aboriginal people, heads for the "church" to conduct a simple service'.

  356. 'Methodist Missions, North Australia Originally, the Cross was placed in this position by Rev. Wilbur Chaseling, pioneer missionary to Yirrkalla, in Eastern Arnhem Land'.

  357. 'Methodist Missions, North Australia At every "Out Station" Sheppy visits, his arrival is greeted enthusiastically by all those who live there. As soon as the aircraft stops, they gather around the aeroplane, waiting to greet this man who comes with supplies, a hymn and a message'.

  358. 'Methodist Missions, North Australia Perhaps the most important task of a missionary is to learn and communicate with the people in their own language. Miss Beulah Lowe is engaged full-time in translation work for the eastern Arnhem Land Aboriginal People'.

  359. 'Part of the Fishing Fleet - Elcho Island'.

  360. 'Methodist Missions, North Australia'.

  361. 'Prizewinners at a past anniversary. Elcho Island'.

Tindale Tribes: Ramindjeri; Kukatja (NT); Kujani; Jarildekald; Walpiri.

CreatorMarjorie Alice Angas
ControlAA 676/5/19
Date Range1860  -  1980
Quantity 44cm,   1   album in an archive box
FormatsLoose Photographic Prints, Mounted Photographic Prints
Series AA676/05