Australian Aboriginal man 'Mallenginah.'

Image 282, Foelsche A68, annotated on reverse "Actually Foelsche 68. This is negative No 88 in Foelsche MS it is given as 'female, 28, Mary Ann (Mrs Squire) Larrakeah April 1878' 68 Mallaguah 88." For other copies or photographs of the same person see: AA 96/2/126/1/4, AA 96/7/17/1.

Additional identifying details extracted from AA 96/4: Port Essington, age 17, male.

Tindale Tribes: Larakia.

CreatorPaul Heinrich Matthias Foelsche
ControlAA 96/7/17-2
Date Range01 April, 1878  -  01 April, 1878
Quantity   1   print
FormatsLoose Photographic Prints
Series AA 96/07
Tindale Tribes: