Bilingara (NT)

LocationMoray Range, Gregory and Aroona Creek; Delamere. Also south to Victoria River Downs and Pigeon Hole Stations at the junction of the Armstrong and Victoria rivers; east to beyond Killarney.
Co-ordinates131°40'E x l5°55'S
Area7,500 sq. m. (19,500 sq. km.)
ReferencesWillshire, 1896; Mathews, 1901 (Gr. 6453), 1908 (Gr. 6495, 6578); Eylmann, 1908; Spencer, 1914; Terry, 1926; Davidson, 1935; Tindale, 1940 and MS; A.B.C. Weekly, 6 May 1964, p. 14.
Alternative NamesBilinara, Bilinurra, Bilyanarra, Bilyanurra, Plinara, Pillenurra, Billianera, Bulinara, Bringara, Boonarra.