Djerait (NT)

LocationNorthern shores of Anson Bay on landward side; northward to Point Blaze; Dahl shows them as not extending to the coast, which he suggests is Wogait territory, the latter being 'seafolk.' It was here that Tasman was met with showers of short spears (interpreted by him as arrows) thrown with the long spear-thrower of this area; 2 on NW map.
Co-ordinates130°25'E x 13°0'S
Area500 sq. m. (1,300 sq. km.)
ReferencesMackillop, 1893; Foelsche, 1895; Basedow, 1907, 1925; Eylmann, 1908; Dahl, 1926; Stanner, 1933.
Alternative NamesTjerait, Cherait, Cherite, Sherait, Jeerite, Scherits, Tjiras.