Jukambe (QLD)

LocationLogan River from Rathdowney to mouth, south to near Southport; west to Boonah and slopes of the Dividing Range. Not to be confused with the Jukambal of the New England tableland. Note that the Jagara territory included the area near Cleveland along the Brisbane River. One horde, the Tjipara, claimed country as far north as Sandgate and the mouth of Pine River, an area otherwise said to belong to the Undanbi people. Seven or more hordes are recorded in the Winterbotham MS, one name given is Biri:n, and there is a suggestion that the Kitabal of northern New South Wales and the Jagara are only large hordes of this tribe with some differences of dialect. Kitabal men in 1938, however, supplied data that seem to indicate the Kitabal were distinct. It should be noticed that names of many tribes in northern New South Wales have the suffix -bal. This has been inferred to be a hordal suffix like -bara and -bura terms of southern Queensland but is probably not correct. Some aborigines stress the last syllable of the name i.e. ['Ju-kam'be]. Jampal is a valid alternative name. This has no known relationship with the Jambina (Jampa:l) of Logan Creek in central Queensland.
Co-ordinates153°0'E x 27°55'S
Area1,200 sq. m. (3,100 sq. km.)
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Alternative NamesJukam (['juka] = no), Yukum, Yögum, Yuggum, Yoocum, Jugambeir, Yugambir, Yugumbir, Tjipara (horde near Brisbane), Chipara, Chepara, Tjapera, Yoocumbah.